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When the 4 series was announced, it initially left people scratching their heads. The 3-series had always been one of the best-selling cars for BMW. Why would they bother spinning the 2-door compact executive car off into its own series? It seemed BMW wanted to diversify their lineup and decided to give the coupes and convertibles their own designation as the 4 series. In fact, BMW decided to reserve the odd number series for the sedans and the even numbers for coupes and everything else. Which made sense as long as you don’t pay attention to the gran coupe models. Despite the nonsense, the 4 series has been very well received and has even managed to actually outsell the 3 series at certain points. Regardless, it looks like BMW has no plans for the continuation of a next-generation 4 series.


You may be saying to yourself, "this is ridiculous since the 4 series has been a success!" Well, after some digging it appears BMW isn’t completely moving away from this segment of the market. It seems that the 4 series as we know it will be ending for the gasoline and diesel powered cars, and make way for the electric powered Vision Neue Klasse platform. The Vision Neue Klasse is expected to go into production as the next i3 sedan, and will probably later include the i4 coupe. This would mean the 4 series will continue, just not as an internal combustion engine coupe.


What does this mean for the BMW M4? BMW has not been shy about their plans to expand into electrics, so this change would definitely impact the M model since the M4 is built from their respective ICE powered counterparts. The M3 is currently under consideration to move forward as the gas powered G84 M3, the gasoline-powered M4 doesn’t seem to be so fortunate. The next iteration would likely be an EV as a Vision Neue Klasse M4.


All is not lost currently, it's rumored there've been conversations regarding the prospect of offering a regular 4 series in the future. This at least gives us a small glimmer of hope that BMW could reconsider their stance on the current 4 series currently based on the CLAR platform. As it stands now however, the 4 series will continue to remain in production at least for the next few years on its current platform, especially since it just recently got a refresh. So at least we get a few more years with this worthy addition to the line-up.


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