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2023 UroTuning Gift Guide

The gift of car parts and accesories is always a great choice for the car enthusiast in your life. If there's one thing the team at UroTuning enjoys the most, it's getting our customers exactly what they want for the holiday season! Whether you're looking for something small and simple to make maintenance that much easier, or a big ticket item to get you that extra boost in horsepower, we have a few sugestions below you or your loved one is sure to enjoy!

To help you find exactly what you are looking for we narrowed down 4 main groups to make it easy for you. From stocking stuffers with a range of up to $50, Stage 1 being around $100, Stage 2 being up to around $300, and stage 3, for the one you really love, being $500+. Check this out:

Stocking Stuffers!


Stocking Stuffers are always an easy go-to for the car enthusiast in your life, and we have a few great ideas for you that are under $50 at UroTuning.com!

1) UroTuning Merch! We have tons of new designs on the site sure to fit that personality! We also have UroTuning Shop Banners available, keychains, hats and so much more!



2) Have a hatch in your family? No, we're not talking about eggs here. A hatchback! Velt Sport has a wiper delete kit that will bring up the overall look of any hatch, and it's super easy to install!


3) Speaking of easy, we also carry an array of soft-wall wheel sockets and wheel hangars to reduce scratching up wheels and struggling to line up those wheel bolts. The enthusiast who gets this gift will LOVE it as it's the gift that keeps on giving.

4) The Magnetic drain plug is an excellent gift for someone who is very particular about their vehicle's maintenance. These awesome little mods keep any metal floating around in your oil out of your engine, keeping everything squeaky clean inside!

5) Last but certainly not least for a great stocking stuffer is tools. UroTuning carries many different specialty tools, sockets, triple squares and more to help your enthusiast keep on building, and worry less about having the right tools!

Stage 1 (The stuffers that don't fit in a stocking)

Stage 1 on our Gift Guide will be gifts that are right around the $100 range and will be sure to wow the room when they get opened. Checkout these awesome picks here!


1) RacingLine Billet Caps are a must for those that want some bling this holiday season. No not around their neck or on their hands. We're talking about the bling under their hood. Billet Caps add that high quality look that any enthusiast can appreciate!



2) Wheel Spacers and Flush Kits are easy ways to an enthusiasts warm spot for the holidays, especially if they just picked up some fresh wheels for the holidays! These bring fitment for a car to perfection, even if they are just trying to get a better stance on stock wheels!



3) Oil Pan Conversion Kits are excellent upgrades for anyone running a pesky, cheap plastic oil pan. Worry less about a rock cracking your plastic pan, and worry more about the roads ahead!


4) Speaking of oil, save your car enthusiasts time with an Oil Extractor this holiday season. These remove the need to lift a car and makes less of a mess when it's time to do an oil change! (That means less oil stains on the driveway)



5) Powerflex has a HUGE selection of bushing upgrades on UroTuning.com and these are heartfelt gifts that can be appreciated by the driver and the passengers. No more engines laying basically on the frame rails and shaking up the Hot Coco in the cup holder!


6) They have all of the above?? Here is an easy gift that will be used just about every day! The OBDeleven is an awesome choice for a gift with all of their awesome features!


Stage 2 (Big Kids Stuff)


Stage 2 on our Gift Guide has some really top gifts that will be sure to upgrade your enthusiasts ride and will generally be around the $300 range, but still having the biggest bang for the buck! Checkout some of the top pics here:



1) Upgrade your enthusiast's driving experience with the UroTuning Edition Shift Knob! These look awesome and are very functional with a performance feel in the hand. These are also available in both Manual and DSG options to fit just about anything!



2) On the topic of looking great, Carbon Mirror Caps bring a performance appearance to any build and really top over the oem painted or silver mirror caps. The weave on these caps are killer and are sure to make a statement at any show!



3) Number three is almost a part two of number 2! Sequential Turn Signals add a sleek look to your turn signals already on the mirrors so why not add these to the cart if you're going to get the Carbon Mirror caps! Super easy install, OEM+ look for the win.



4) Does your enthusiast always complain about not having any cool gauges or ways to read things like boost? Look no further, we have P3 Gauges ready to roll for that ultimate OEM+ fitment and awesome capability to read so many different measurements straight from your OBD Port!


5) Is your car enthusiast a race nut or a weekend track warrior? Save their back at the track with a Wheel Stud Kit that will allow them to install and remove wheels with ease and give their car a more performance oriented setup with their wheels!


Stage 3 (Really Say "I LOVE YOU")

You've managed to scroll down to Stage 3, which means you really like this person, or you have great taste in car modifications. Either way, UroTuning has you covered with this list of ideas that are at the $500+ range for the car enthusiast this holiday season. Here are a handful of top ideas:



1) One of the TOP modifications an enthusiast makes on their car when they grab it is wheels. UroTuning has a huge selection with the best prices from top brands.


2) Looking for something that makes a bit more power to spice up their ride? How about a Turbo Upgrade Kit! These are always a great bolt on mod to get them setup for some new performance tuning and really wake up their engine.



3) Another tuning related modification that just about everyone does is an exhaust. Not only does an exhaust provide a gateway to tuning, but it also sounds great! Who doesn't love waking up their neighbors?

4) Another easy-to-do modification for the car enthusiast is an air intake system! These are great gifts that can be installed in minutes and also create more engine sound, and also have a tuning benefit!



5) On the subject of tuning, another great gift if they already have an exhaust, an intake, and in some instances and turbo upgrade, is a performance tune! UroTuning carries top vendors with performance software that will be sure to wake up that performance build.


6) Already have all the engine mods? Looks like we need to get the fitment down with some new suspension then! Grab your car enthusiast a fresh coilover kit, or even bags! We carry all systems from a simple spring kit all the way to a full airride self-leveling kit!


7) Wait... They have all these performance mods already? Even the performance wheels? I bet they are missing one factor then for their build. How about an aero kit! Aero makes sure to keep the car planted in the right conditions and it also adds a ton of aggressive attributes to any build!


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