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Owning your own Mini Cooper is no doubt a source of pride for you. But if you were honest with yourself, it still may not be quite enough.

Deep down inside, you want to give your Mini Cooper a bit more power in 2021. 

The good news? Mini Coopers are generally excellent vehicles to upgrade, as your upgrades tend to pay off due to the car's elegant and luxurious appearance.

Here's a rundown on four Mini performance parts you need to give your car an edge and turn heads as you zoom into the new year.

1. The Supercharger Pulley

The first performance part you need to make your Mini more powerful is the supercharger pulley. You can easily use this to replace your car's original pulley.

The supercharger pulley is essentially a pump responsible for blowing air into your Mini Cooper's intake manifold. This part of the car is designed to improve your car's torque and horsepower.

Simply put, with a supercharger pulley, you can increase your car's revolutions per minute (RPM) -- or how many times the crankshaft in your engine rotates. The higher your RPM is, the more quickly your car will accelerate.

2. The Discharge Pipe

A Hi-Flow discharge pipe is also excellent for giving your Mini Cooper greater power and range. Thus, you should replace your car's original pipe with this turbo pipe.

The problem with your car's original pipe is that it actually restricts power. However, a Hi-Flow pipe makes your engine operate more efficiently, thus making it an excellent addition to your Mini Cooper. 

3. The Exhaust System

Installing exhaust systems on Mini Coopers is another popular way to boost these vehicles' performance.

This type of system essentially allows high amounts of exhaust to escape much more easily. This prevents heat and back pressure, which can negatively impact performance.

4. The Intake System for Cold Air

This type of system is yet another excellent performance part to add to your Mini. That's because it can increase your torque and horsepower.

This particular system does an excellent job of reducing intake restrictions and temperatures, thus improving your airflow, filtration, and overall performance.

We Can Help You Find the Right Mini Performance Parts

We offer top-of-the-line Mini performance parts to help your car look and perform its best on the road. We are as enthusiastic about giving your Mini Cooper all of the power it deserves as you are!

When you decide to place a part order with us, you can feel assured knowing that you will receive top-tier service from start to finish. We'll walk you through the performance parts we have available and help you choose the best ones for your Mini Cooper's needs.

Ready to get started? Shop here for the perfect performance parts for your Mini Cooper. With our help, you can be well on your way to giving your Mini the extra level of authority it needs in 2021 and beyond.


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