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The H&R sale is here! Yes - you read that cover photo correctly, save up to 40% on you next upgrades from H&R. This includes springs, sway bars, coilovers and more! The holidays have passed, and you didn't get what you wanted for your project? It's okay, we understand and we want to make sure you get what you NEED for your project. Summer time is around the corner and shows are starting to pop back up into the calendar. Don't be left behind without a few upgrades including new components for up to 40% OFF from H&R.

The most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will lower your vehicle for a lower center of gravity, improved handling and a more aggressive appearance. Sport springs feature more control than that of the OE Sport spring, but is still comfortable for daily use. Sport springs are an excellent choice for street and occasional track use. These springs are fully compatible with cars fitted with Volkswagens's switchable ACC (Adjustable Chassis Control) dampers.


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