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Do you get a thrill out of making your car go fast?

Every tuner head wants to get the best performance out of their European automobiles, and the demand is real! in 2019, there was an influx of sales worth 16 billion dollars for aftermarket performance parts. But, you can't just trust any aftermarket parts company, you need one that's a tried and true trusted brand.

One of the best brands out there for making upgrades to your European car is none other than AWE Tuning. Want to know more about AWE Tuning for European cars? Keep scrolling because in this article we are going over a brief overview of how AWE Tuning can help with your performance upgrades!

What is AWE Tuning?

AWE Tuning is an aftermarket performance parts brand that has been serving tuners since 1991. AWE Tuning specializes in high-end performance exhaust systems, intakes, and intercoolers.

Their vision is to unlock performance: "You have it in there... it's just about unlocking it."

5 Things You Should Know About AWE Tuning

The AWE Tuning production team is a bunch of fanatics and enthusiasts just like you who are committed to performance. Here are five things you should know about them.

1. In-House Production Advantage

This brand doesn't source their parts from other 3rd parties. They prefer to have complete control over their products, which is why they are machined and tested at their 33,000 square foot facility in Horsham, PA. Doing this allows them to guarantee quality parts like no other.

2. World-Class Performance Parts Testing

AWE spends countless time testing their parts for quality assurance. One of their recent carbon fiber intakes spent 350 in-house hours on the testing block to ensure quality and performance attributes.

AWE Tuning engineers constantly ask themselves, "Can we do better?" This type of assurance lets you know that you are getting the most excellent high-end aftermarket parts that money can buy.

3. Not Just Confined to European Cars

AWE Tuning has been a trusted brand mostly for the European car community, however, they don't just focus on European automobiles. They also provide performance parts for a wide range of domestic and foreign car brands.

These brands include:

  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Chevy

4. Dealers Worldwide

If you prefer to see the parts for yourself, AWE Tuning has dealers worldwide. There are 77 dealers in North America, 5 in Europe, and 6 in Asia. They also have online retailers that deliver almost anywhere in the world.

5. The Pros Trust AWE Tuning

The best way to know if a company is legitimate is to see industry leaders and professionals using the product. AWE Tuning endorses professionals in this industry that stand behind their products. Professionals such as X Games gold medalist Bucky Lasek, legendary pro surfer Todd Richards, and pro skater Joey Brezinski all stand behind the AWE Tuning brand.

Where Can I Find AWE Products?

Along with different dealers that can be found worldwide, AWE products can easily be found through trusted AWE Tuning authorized online dealers. If you are looking for the best AWE Tuning products, we can help you!

Please contact us, and we can help you get the products you need at the most affordable price.


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