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Taking care of your car is a responsibility that every car owner has to come to grips with. When you have a foreign model, such as BMW, it's even more important to stay mindful of your vehicle care.

This manufacturer has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular luxury vehicle options around. The BMW Group recently brought in more than 100 billion euros in revenue.

Learning about BMW maintenance will improve your vehicle ownership. Read on to learn more about caring for your BMW.

1. Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes

Handling your oil changes with regularity allows you to keep your vehicle at its best. 

While you can always change your own oil, you might want to leave BMW oil changes to licensed and experienced repair professionals. Caring for your oil in this way keeps your engine clean and promotes longevity for your vehicle. 

Make sure to get your BMW shop to change out your engine filters along with the oil change too.

2. Get Your Tires and Suspension Checked Out

You need to make sure your BMW has the best tires around. When the tread starts to wear down, it's a good idea to replace the tires to keep your vehicle safe. 

Not only does purchasing tires that come with excellent grip and control make your vehicle safer, but they also help you get better gas mileage. Consider shopping for some quality wheels that will also accent your new tires!

3. Change the Spark Plugs

The BMW or any vehicle that you own for that matter, requires a combustion process to power it. The spark plug makes this happen by adding air with fuel. 

Bad spark plugs will cause your engine to stall or just not have enough power to sustain it. Changing your spark plugs is an inexpensive repair that will keep your engine at its best.

You might also need to change the wires when you get your spark plugs changed, as this will ensure your spark plugs perform at their best.  

4. Manage Your Brake Care

Your BMW is only as safe as the brakes it uses. When your brakes are faulty, you'll come to more dangerous stops, and will also put more of a burden on your tires and axle system.

Get your brake pads changed if they're beginning to squeal or screech when you come to a complete stop. You'll also need to change your brake fluid periodically to make sure your brakes are lubricated properly. 

5. Take It In For Inspections and Seasonal Work

Nothing gets you quality BMW performance like an inspection. You should get your BMW inspected no less than once per year, whether your state requires it or not. 

Consider seasonal inspections as well to make sure that your vehicle can make it through the summer and winter.  

Handle the BMW Maintenance That You Need

These are some of the most important BMW maintenance tips that you should know about. Working with a trusted auto repair shop will help you more than you know.

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