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Aftermarket parts are add-on or replacement parts that aren't sourced from a car's original manufacturer. They're less expensive than OEM parts, offer a wide variety of looks and styles, and can even enhance the performance of your vehicle.

If you're looking to upgrade the look of your current car without breaking the bank, you need to look into purchasing aftermarket parts.

There are aftermarket parts available for almost every make and model of vehicle, including Mercedes Benz and other luxury brands. Interested in Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts? Here, we're listing our top favorites!

1. Ventus Autoworks Front Splitter

This Mercedes Benz front splitter combines physics with aerodynamics, enhancing your car's performance all-around.

As you drive, this product redirects the high-pressure air upwards and over the car while low-pressure air passes underneath. This decreases lift while increasing downforce, allowing your car better traction.

2. Soul Performance Competition Downpipes

There's nothing hotter than a Mercedes Benz with an aggressive engine, and these Soul Performance Competition downpipes make it happen. 

These downpipes boost turbo sound and response while increasing torque, completely revolutionizing the drivability of your vehicle.

3. Ventus Autoworks Side Splitters

These Ventus Autoworks side splitters are the missing piece to your Mercedes Benz. 

Made with high-quality aluminum composite, these side splitters are subtle and sleek while increasing the performance of your vehicle. They're professionally CNC-machined with installation hardware included; why wouldn't you try these out?

4. Spyder Mercedes Benz Tail Lights

Looking to add a bit of flair to your Benz without totally changing the outer appearance? Start by adding these Spyder tail lights!

These LED tail lights (available in black) are modern, sleek, and sure to catch the attention of others while on the road. Say no to boring tail lights and spice things up while keeping things classy.

5. CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger

What's one of the best Mercedes Benz performance parts out there? Look no further than this CSF front mount heat exchanger.

This high-performance heat exchanger cools the engine's water more efficiently than the OEM unit, increasing power capabilities. This product allows a 400 percent improvement in heat soak reduction when compared to its original parts.

6. HRE FlowForm Wheels

Interested in purchasing a new set of shiny, jaw-dropping wheels?

These HRE 20'' FlowForm wheels bring style and sophistication to your vehicle's look. Made with the highest level of engineering, these cast wheels are available in "liquid silver" or "tarmac" and you can choose to customize them further.

Try These Mercedes Benz Aftermarket Parts Today

Aftermarket parts are a great way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle without spending an arm and a leg on OEM parts. If you're a Mercedes Benz owner, consider trying out one or more of these epic Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts!

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