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Mercedes-Benz—this German powerhouse is widely recognized as the pinnacle of all things luxury, style, and class when it comes to foreign automobiles.

As one of the top premium car sellers in the world, the brand has sold more than 2.3 million passenger cars and even has a reputable presence in the world of racing.

You may think you know Mercedes-Benz cars inside and out, but you'll be surprised to learn that there are actually a few misconceptions about these innovative, alluring vehicles. Keep reading to discover what they are.

1. Repair Is Expensive

It would make sense that a highly-priced vehicle would warrant repair expenses just as lofty, but that isn't necessarily true. 

A Mercedes-Benz car's basic repair and maintenance will actually cost around the same as a traditional car would.

This idea probably arose from the idea that Mercedes parts are generally expensive, but that isn't always the case either. We have tons of European aftermarket parts available at competitive prices.

2. Mercedes-Benz Cars Debuted in 1926

While Benz & Cie and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft merged their brands together in 1926, the Mercedes car was around long before then.

The roots of Mercedes-Benz have been claimed to run back as far as 1886!

3. Mercedes Was Named After Its Creator

The Mercedes was not coined after its designer.

In fact, the Mercedes was actually named after a woman. Specifically, the daughter of racing enthusiast Emil Jellinek, who had a taste for speed!

4. Finding the Right Parts Is Difficult

Another misconception believed in the car community is that when it comes time for an upgrade or repair, finding the right Mercedes parts can be a challenge.

This is definitely untrue. Our site alone carries an enormous selection of Mercedes performance parts ready to be shipped right to you. Since we cater to a variety of models, you're sure to find just the part you need with ease and simplicity.

Looking to upgrade your vehicle with high-quality aftermarket parts? Check out our Mercedes parts available today!

5. You Will Void Your Warranty

Mercedes-Benz owners won't have their car's warranty voided if they choose to see an independent mechanic. They don't have to go to a dealership for repairs or basic maintenance, either.

Since 1975, the law states that your warranty will remain intact if you repair your vehicle at an independent Mercedes-Benz service.

6. Anyone Can Repair Your Mercedes

No, you can't just take your Mercedes anywhere to have it serviced or repaired.

Choosing a certified, knowledgable mechanic is an absolute must when it comes to these cars. You don't want to trust just anyone with your luxury vehicle.

7. Mercedes-Benz Is a Company

If we're being technical, Mercedes-Benz isn't actually a company or brand at all.

It's actually considered a "marque", which is more or less a brand (but with added upscale connotations that set Mercedes-Benz apart from the others). The term marque is used in the context of luxury cars and other expensive purchases.

The Best or Nothing

A brand as iconic and influential as this one is sure to be surrounded by misconceptions, but now you have a better idea of what Mercedes-Benz cars are all about! It truly is the " best or nothing" when it comes to innovation, performance, and design.

When you drive the best, it's imperative that you keep your vehicle at tiptop shape. Purchasing and installing quality parts is just part of it, so be sure to check out our top-rated products or contact us with any questions!


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