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Despite being around since the Second World War, air lift and suspension systems are still all the rage in the automobile community. If you want to reduce noise and maximize comfort, air lift performance kits are for you.

What are air lift performance kits? How do they work and what are their benefits?

This is what we'll look at today. Find out more about air lift performance below and what that might mean for your car.

What Is an Air Lift System? 

An air lift system is one that's powered by an electric compressor or pump. Air is put into flexible bellows that are typically made of textile-reinforced rubber. This is how they differ from leaf suspension or coil spring systems. They also differ from hydropneumatic systems since there is no water used in the process.

How Does It Work?

Air lift systems work by fitting and working with your car's suspension to get rid of any squat. This increases the comfort of your ride, especially when you might be carrying a hefty load.

Some air lift systems are attached to the top of existing leaf springs and are connected to the frame. This allows the leaf springs to still do their job while the air lift provides any needed support.

For coil-sprung cars, the system fits directly onto the coil springs. By adding air pressure to support the coils, they are prevented from compressing completely. This creates a smooth ride and negates any height lost from the weight.

Why Do People Get Air Lift Systems?

For most car enthusiasts, air lift systems are used to get a smoother and more consistent ride out of their vehicles. They also replace conventional steel spring suspensions inherent in trucks and passenger cars.

In recent years, electronically controlled air lift systems have become popular. These systems use height sensors to provide reference for all four wheels based on the terrain.

Using electronic control units, air lift systems are much more accessible to all drivers. This includes those looking for Mercedes Benz performance parts or BMW performance parts.

Benefits of Air Lift Systems

With the air lift system market growing ever so slightly, it's clear that people are taking advantage of this versatile addition to their cars. One of the main reasons is that it creates a comfortable driving experience for everyone.

There's less noise, vibration, and overall harshness when navigating the roads. It also decreases the wear and tear on your suspension since there's less vibration going on.

Cars that tend to bounce on rougher terrains find that this happens much less with air lift systems. If you've got some cargo in your car, these systems adjust to make sure the ride remains smooth.

Leveraging Air Lift Performance Systems in 2022

If you're looking for an addition to your BMW or Mercedes, an air lift system might change your life. Use this guide to help you understand why and how an air lift performance system improves your driving experience!

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