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Can you believe that a total of 2,521,514 BMW vehicles were delivered to buyers last year?

This shouldn't come as a surprise when you note how the professionals at BMW put all their expertise into the design of every vehicle. One of their best new BMW models yet is the S54. If you're on the fence about investing in one, it's worth looking under the hood.

Are you itching to get a deeper look? Keep reading to learn all about the BMW S54 engine.

A Straight-6 Car Engine

It shouldn't come as a surprise to find an S54 inline-six engine under the hood seeing as how that's been BMW's staple for some time now. Despite any concern for cylinder count, this engine can compete with the best of them and boasts an rpm max of 8,000. This makes for a mean-sounding machine that can allow everyone else on the road to eat your dust.

Other specs that are worth noting include a horsepower of 333, an 11.5:1 compression ratio, and the displacement clocks in at 3.2L (3246cc). The engine is water-cooled with a normally-aspirated induction. There are 24 valves total and you can expect to find finger-followers, variable camshaft timing, and dual overhead camshafts.

Many people love the wet sump oil system. Unlike other engines out there, this straight-6 engine is compatible with many aftermarket parts. This allows you to get even more power out of an already-powerful machine.

S54 Engine Downsides

No engine is perfect, however, so it's worth learning about potential defects. The more you know, the more you can keep an eye out for them. You can even avoid them altogether by investing in the highest-quality aftermarket BMW parts.

One possibility of engine failure involves the VANOS system. This system has not one, not two, but several different failure parts, including the intake solenoid circuit and the exhaust position control. All of them can be avoided with aftermarket part replacement and AWE tuning.

It's also possible to spot some failure in one or more connecting rod bearings. This is an issue common to other BMW models as well.

Don't let this put you off from going to a BMW dealership because many of the engine's parts are as perfect as can be. By trading some of them out with aftermarket parts, you can have a vehicle that you'll rely on for many years.

Are You Ready to Ride a BMW S54?

Now that you've learned all about the BMW S54, you can rest easy knowing that you're making the right decision. Nothing beats the power you can get from one of the highest-quality manufacturers of all time.

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