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We all want that good "brap-brap" coming out of our modded pipes, but that can get so expensive. That's where VRSF comes in. VR Speed factory (or VRSF for short) is a performance intercooler and exhaust manufacturer with an eye on quality and reasonable prices. 

Because we haven't seen anyone else do this yet, here's a two-minute, blazing-fast review of VRSF's products and what you can expect from them in terms of fitment, part variety, price, and build quality.

Get your short shifters ready because we're at the starting line!


Compatibility is a tough category to rate for. Because VRSF doesn't know the mods that you've done to your car, and they can't know the mods that anyone has done to their vehicles, it's hard to make an aftermarket exhaust that matches up perfectly every time. 

So, consequently, VRSF parts might take a little... massaging to fit perfectly into your chassis. 

However, VRSF's pipes and intercoolers' fit seems to be very, very good overall, with only one or two forum posts mentioning slight variances in fit and finish.

This comment by user Dsmj on the dmstuners forum lines up with other VR speed factory reviews and sums up our feelings nicely: "VR speed sells good quality kits. Simple and clean install with just minor grinding on the pass."


VRSF is a specialty manufacturer of BMW parts, with a limited selection of kits for other car models. They sell kits for everything from an M1 to an M6 and beyond. That means whatever E model you're wrenching on should have a part handy at the VRSF shop. 

However, availability for other car brands, as we said before, is limited. VRSF appears to have parts for some Toyotas, Porches, and Mitsubishis (most notably the Supra, GT3, and Evo), but that's where the choice ends.  


Price is where VR Speed Factory shines. Where other high-rated parts cost upwards of $1,000-$2,000, you can typically find VRSF units in the $500-$800 range. Even better, VRSF parts are usually part of a tax season sale every year. So you can pick up performance parts for even cheaper. 

That means that VRSF parts are great for a quick fix, an upgrade from stock components, or even a parallel upgrade alongside a turbo or something similar. Because VRSF provides quality parts at a lower price, you can do more with your car for less money. 

It seems like a no-brainer, but it's hard to find good, cheap parts (especially Porche parts) that can hold up to the boost of a powerful turbo setup or enlarged cylinders.

Build Quality

Unlike most cheaper parts, VRSF doesn't suffer from hack welding jobs or bad quality material. Overall, the build quality is excellent. 

Instead, it appears that VRSF hasn't had the R&D time, like a company that sells $2,000 pipes would've had. They haven't been able to test their parts against every mod known to man so their prices are a little lower, and that's not something we can blame them for. 

VRSF parts can also have other imperfections, but never in noticeable locations and never anywhere that would damage your car or your power.

So, Are VR Speed Factory Parts Worth It?

In short, YES!

The combination of excellent build quality and low prices makes VRSF parts the best value on the market right now. With a VRSF part, you can start putting power through your wheels right this second, instead of saving for months to buy something that might net you 1 or 2 more horsepower/kW.

Nothing else is as worth the money as a VR Speed Factory performance part. You can check them out here.


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