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Are you interested in getting the most bang for your buck? Integrated Engineering can maximize your vehicle's power with performance parts.

Integrated Engineering strives to manufacture the highest quality parts possible. Rigorous testing is performed on all parts before they leave the warehouse, so you know you're getting high-quality parts no matter what.

Almost more important than the physical integrity of the part is the engineering. Integrated Engineering can take months to years just to design the initial product. The part is then redesigned many times until it exceeds expectations.

Integrated Engineering runs extensive tests on all parts. This ensures that their parts will stand up to real-world scenarios. High-end European parts don't always have the longevity that aftermarket parts will provide.

Should I Get My Car Tuned?

Car manufacturers tend to adjust vehicles to be appealing to a wide variety of drivers. This means that things like fuel efficiency and reducing emissions are their priority. If you're a person who wants the most performance out of their car however, your priorities may be different.

Things such as 0-60 time, power output, and overall more performance are possible through getting your car tuned. Tuning your car will vastly improve performance. Most importantly, it will still follow your local emissions and power output laws. Integrated Engineering software can unlock more power before adding any new performance parts.

Get The Best Parts From Integrated Engineering

Air intake systems, engine components, fuel systems, and turbo or supercharger upgrades are just a few of the upgrades that Integrated Engineering offers. Whatever vehicle you drive, make sure you're getting the most performance possible.

Consider adding an Integrated Engineering manifold if you're adding a turbo or supercharger to your system. The durability of Integrated Engineering will help absorb the impact and prevent damage.

Easy Tips For More Performance

If you bought a European performance car such as an Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW, you know that your car is inherently better equipped than others. Adding new Audi performance parts or VW performance parts is the best way to utilize these benefits. Remember, proper maintenance will improve their overall longevity too.

Many people don't realize that small changes can help squeeze as much power as possible out of a car.

Always be sure to replace all of your car's filters regularly to maintain good operation. Particularly, making sure that your engine air intake filter is in optimal condition will help increase engine power. This will get the maximum amount of airflow to the engine.

Another easy thing to do is make sure your spark plugs are high quality and in good condition. Even the most expensive spark plugs are cheap compared to other parts, so it's worth it to make sure these are top-notch. Spark plugs that are worn out will decrease overall engine power by causing it to have to work harder to function.

Ready to take the steps to harness the true performance of your car? Read more about how Integrated Engineering can unlock your car's potential.


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