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The MINI debuted in 1969, and so much about the car has changed since then.

MINI is known for its distinct look. Not only is it sleek, but it's comfortable and reliable parts make it a fun ride without having to worry about breaking down.

The MINI also gives you some flexibility. You can decide what you want to add to your MINI in terms of style or engine power.

Here's a guide on MINI Cooper parts that can give your MINI a unique look or feel that will only make the vehicle way more fun to drive.

Interior Parts

There are a lot of MINI Cooper parts to choose from depending on your preference.

You can have unique door handles made specifically for MINI, such as charcoal door handles and charcoal window handles.

You can also choose a burr walnut window and door handle. These kinds of door and window handles offer originality and style to your MINI that a typical vehicle doesn't come equipped with.

Gearknobs are another MINI part that gives it a sleek unique look. You can choose paddy hopkirk, charcoal, or burr walnut.

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Engine Parts

Beyond the interior parts, which give your MINI a lot of flair and style, you can also customize your engine.

You can upgrade your MINI brakes with drum brakes, brake discs and covers, brake calipers, brake fluid, and other brake parts.

When you upgrade your brakes, you are not just optimizing your safety but also ensuring that your car is upgraded with the best parts too. 

In addition, you can upgrade your clutch with arms and plungers. You can also upgrade your clutch with pressure plates, seals, and ring gears.

There are tons of other engine parts you can upgrade to, it just depends on how well you keep-up your MINI and how you like to customize it. 

Wheel Parts

While you can upgrade other parts of your MINI, wheel parts are a critical part of the MINI that are worth mentioning.

You can choose a variety of wheels such as Ultralight Silver to Ultralight Gold. You can also choose what size tires you want from 5 x 12" to 6 x 12" and other unique sizes. 

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Why You Should Look for MINI Cooper Parts

When you understand what MINI Cooper parts you need, whether they're for design, to fix something, or to give your MINI more power, you will have a more enjoyable and safer ride.

A MINI is a unique car with exterior, interior, and performance options. Knowing what's available can give your MINI a more unique look and feel. 

For more information on MINI parts, visit our website and see what the sale and specials are. 


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