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BMW has been dubbed "The Ultimate Driving Machine", and for good reason. German engineering has been synonymous with performance, and the brand has been a luxury staple in the auto industry for decades.

So why would you want to change anything about your BMW? 

The answer? Because you can take your stock BMW and trick it out to turn heads on the road or add power-boosting BMW performance upgrades to tear up the track.

There are some crucial things to keep in mind before upgrading, so don't do anything without reading our guide on how to upgrade your ride with the best BMW performance parts around.

BMW OEM Versus Universal Aftermarket Parts

Your ultimate driving machine deserves only the best BMW parts, and many universal aftermarket parts aren't made to work with your BMW. According to Edmunds.com, the quality of aftermarket parts varies widely. Parts are often cheaper because they use cheaper materials.

That said, many companies excel at building parts made specifically for BMWs. Do your research before you decide, as saving a few extra dollars on cheaper parts may not be the best choice in the end.

Sport-Tune Your Suspension

Whether you love the winding back roads or the never-ending oval, a sport-tuned suspension by AirLift is a great way to up your driving game.

The AirLift Performance 3P system with digital controls is easy to install and will change your ride with the twist of a knob.

This system delivers the perfect height and precision control using pressure sensors and an ECU/Manifold combo unit with built-in push to connect ports, and built-in Bluetooth.

You can adjust heights with five custom presets and it's operated with the full-color controller. It also features an iOS app that you can use even when your car is off. Now you can cruise down the highway, or lower your ride for superior handling on those mountain curves.

Supercharge Your Engine

When you're ready to tear up the track, you need to supercharge your BMW. One of the best, and most powerful, BMW performance parts on the market is the Active Autowerke supercharger kit.

The kit includes an entirely new fuel system with two pumps, filters, lines, a pressure regulator, dead-end fuel rail, injectors, and all the fittings, as your factory motor can't handle the 600 horsepower potential.

It also comes with a larger front-mounted air-to-air intercooler with a custom injection system.

BMW Performance Parts for Your Exhaust

If you're looking for that throaty growl, AWE Tuning has many exhaust system options. You can choose from custom mid-pipe setups or go for a whole system replacement.

AWE Tuning uses design to send exhaust gases through reflective chambers to harness sound. When the gases are reintroduced to the exhaust system, they create an out-of-phase sound that cancels out the unwanted noise, leaving that aggressive, yet refined growl.

Need a Little Help?

If you're ready to start upgrading with precision BMW performance parts, the next step is to check out our wide selection of BMW parts. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll help you!


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