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Alpine Volks Fair is not your typical car show. This is an experience to showcase everyones hard work and passion. The entire goal behind Alpine Volks Fair is to have a relaxed social weekend enjoying some great rides for great times. This is different from your typical car show in that this is primarily a cluster of several different independent meet ups across the city of Helen, Georgia. With a surreal backdrop of the Alpine city, you can enjoy cars from air-cooled classics all the way to the latest and greatest in VAG Performance in the Mk7 Meet up hosted by yours truly, UroTuning, on Friday May 21st from 3:00-5:30pm.


Helen has been a capital in the south for European car shows for many years. Many have come from far and wide to enjoy the Alpine city of Helen with the common passion of European cars. Sadly, in the past, there have been gatherings that didn't uphold the respect of the community and caused a disconnect with the auto community and towns who held events. This is NOT one of those events. Alpine Volks Fair is about enthusiasts wanting to have a fun, relaxing and activity filled weekend with friends and family. The organizers of Alpine Volks Fair stressed how their vision is not a mass parking lot-style car show with one event field. This event is a cluster of specific meets with a main event showcasing some of the best examples of all VAG cars.


With Alpine Volks Fair, as stated above, there are several clusters of meet ups set up across Helen, Georgia. As of the latest schedule posted on the Alpine Volks Fair site, you can attend the MK1-MK7 meets, the Audi Meet, Passat/CC/Arteon meet, Wagon meet, Corrado/Scirocco meet, Air-cooled meet, Porsche Meet, Humble Mechanic Meet and the Diesel Meet. This is spread across the Friday event schedule for everyone to enjoy. You can also enjoy discounts at the local restaurants, breweries and bars with your Alpine Volks Fair Lanyard! With all of this, there is clearly plenty to do and see on Friday. For the breakdown on the schedule for all the meets, click below!


On Saturday, there will be an awesome display of some amazing examples across the Volkswagen/Audi Group line at the Unicoi State Park Beach House. From air-cooled masterpieces to the latest big builds, the Mutts Nutts is a pre-selected collaboration of sweet rides that are pleasing to the eye. These are not always selected because they are the most expensive builds, but rather the story behind them and the passion that goes into them. Sure, there may be some high tag items, but you may also run across the barn-find-cheap build that just has an awesome story behind it! YES there will be vendors at the show event too so make sure to come say hi to your friends here at UroTuning!


This year, there is a hike challenge to compete a hike from downtown Helen to the show venue at Unicoi State Park Beach House!

There is a truly scenic 5.2 Mile hiking trail from Helen to Unicoi where the main event is, and we want to give you a chance to win a little something for completing the challenge! Take a photo by the Alpine Volks Fair Banner at the halfway point of the hike, upload it to your social with the hashtag #avfhike and tag @urotuning in your post to be entered in the contest to win a $100 UroTuning Gift Card!


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