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In case you missed it...

The auto industry has been seeing sweeping changes the last several years as technology moves forward at a blistering pace. Manufacturers have been trying to navigate this weird time. So in case you missed it…

Audi TT and R8 and Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo memorial

End of Life for TT, R8, and Porsche Wagon

2023 ending also marks the end of production for some beloved sportscars. The Audi TT, R8 and Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. The TT, which takes its name from the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, is ending its run after its 4th generation. Based off of the MQB platform the VW Golf sibling, the practical sporty coupe or convertible will definitely be missed. Making its big splash in 2006, the R8 will be ending its 17 year long run after only 2 iterations. It received a refresh in 2015. Based off of the the Lamborghini Gallardo and then the Huracán platform, it was exclusively designed, developed, and manufactured by Audi’s private high-performance car manufacturing subsidiary Audi Sport GmbH, formerly known as Quattro GmbH. Finally the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is also facing end of life. Wagon’s just can’t catch a break sadly as the Porsche wagon is going by the wayside due to slow sales. With the wagon debuting in 2017, the Panamera is going back to a sedan only lineup for the next iteration.

Porsche Panamera Cabin Update

Porsche Panamera Gets Updated

Speaking of which, the Panamera is getting an overhaul. Entering its third generation, the third generation Panamera has given a glimpse of things to come. More technology is one of the first things you’ll notice in the redesigned cabin. A large 12.6-inch digital cluster, along with a center touchscreen, and an option for another screen for the passenger side. There is definitely inspiration taken heavily from the Taycan. 

Audi S5 Fastback in camo

Audi remixes the S5

Meanwhile Audi has been hard at work and some sneak peaks have shown up out in the wild. The S5 sportback has been seen refueling before more testing on the Nürburgring. Set to arrive for the 2025, the spy shots have given us our first look at the next generation. The aggressive looking headlights and redesigned grille were on full display as well as quad-exhaust tips and huge brakes are a tell tale sign this is not the more tame A5.

BMW 7 Series interior

BMW 7 Series Personal Pilot

BMW is looking to the future as it looks to equip its flagship 7 series with its Level 3 semi-autonomous system. This will give its drivers eyes-off as well as hands-off driving flexibility. BMW states its the only system of its kind that will let drives use it in the dark as well as daylight. The BMW system, called Personal Pilot, is designed to allow drivers to use it up to speeds of 37mph, targeting the drivers that are caught in stop and go traffic situations. BMW has not given a timetable for when it will release to regions outside Germany, but a similar system from Mercedes has already gotten permission to roll out in California and Nevada. 


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