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Justin's Forge Equipped MK7 Golf R

The parking lot here at UroTuning is a sight to behold. GTI's, Golf R's, Audi RS3's, bagged Beetles, and a ton of other Euro-Cars fill up the spots every day. Today's parking-lot spotlight focuses in on UroTuning Owner Justin Welty's Golf R. The MK7 Golf R is a blast to drive from the factory, but we all know that won't stop an enthusiast from loading it up it with a ton of performance upgrades! This R just so happens to feature a ton of goodies from Forge Motorsport.

For more stopping power, this Golf R is equipped with a gorgeous 356mm Forge Big Brake kit. This big brake kit catches your eye peeking out from behind the sporty OEM R wheels, with color matched calipers and a subtle recessed Forge logo that perfectly compliments the VW Flash Red.

This Forge Big Brake Kit features 6 pot calipers and 356 x 32mm ventilated discs. The discs are grooved to remove braking residuals and maintain optimum cooling and performance.

With the braking system upgraded, we cant forget about some go-fast-bits! This leads us to some of the Forge parts installed under the hood.

When you pop the hood on this R, you are immediately greeted by a huge polished carbon air duct, which is integrated into the vehicles Forge Carbon air intake system.

This Forge intake kit makes use of the entire width of the OEM front intake scoop, while the Carbon Fibre housing forces cold air into the High Flow Foam filter for optimal performance and peak HP gains. Not to mention it looks incredible!

Embellished with a riveted Forge logo tag that reads "Made in Great Britain", this air intake makes for a beautiful focal point within the vehicles engine bay, and adds unparalleled performance to the air intake system!


The carbon air intake isnt the only part from Forge Motorsport under the hood of this R, the owner also opted for a Forge Turbo Inlet Adapter, Forge Catch Can Kit, and a Forge Vacuum Operated Atmospheric Diverter Valve. Being another flow upgrade, the Forge Turbo Inlet increases airflow into the vehicle's turbo by replacing the small restrictive plastic turbo inlet with a lightweight powder coated aluminum option.

The Forge Atmospheric Diverter Valve is fully engineered to solve common issues and failures associated with the OEM solenoid valves, which are prone to ruptures, causing boost leaks and huge losses in power. Forge Diverter valves utilize a full billet alloy construction with a piston based internal design that provides for significantly improved reliability over the plastic OEM valves along with faster throttle response.


The Forge Motorsport Catch Can Kit installed on this MK7 R drastically reduces sludge and carbon build up, which allows the engine to both breathe and perform more efficiently.

Often looked at as a preventative maintenance part, Forge Catch Cans are actually a genuine performance enhancing product and one we recommend every VW owner to seriously consider, particularly if they are planning more advanced power tuning later.

The Forge Upgrades on this already near-perfect vehicle make for a Golf R that is about as OEM+ as it gets. With tasteful carbon fiber, brakes that could stop a train, and Forge parts that alleviate common factory issues while increasing performance, this MK7 Golf R is the ideal daily driver.

UroTuning is proud to offer all of the Forge Motorsport parts featured in this article and more! Head to our site and check out what Forge options are available for your vehicle, or scroll and click below to explore more photos of this Forge-equipped MK7 Golf R!


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