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A fresh new exclusive sale just went live on the UroTuning site! For a limited time, save an extra 10% on the entire exhaust lineup from XFORCE! XFORCE has tons of high performance exhaust options including valved Varex options! If you've been waiting around for a great deal to finally upgrade your VW or Audi exhaust, now is the time to scoop up an XFORCE system for a steal!

With three different modes; "street", "race", and "in-between", Varex exhausts from XFORCE use a patented butterfly valve mechanism to redirect exhaust flow, allowing the driver to choose the exact sound level and performance level of the muffler.

For a higher sound level, the exhaust is directed through an open path, delivering more power and a sporty sound. For a lower sound level, exhaust is channeled through an OEM style muffler, giving you quiet in-car comfort.

The angle of the valve is also completely adjustable to allow for further freedom to set your personal optimal sound level from your vehicle's exhaust.


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