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Looking for some European aftermarket parts that can make your car more fuel-efficient? We have just the list for you. Below, we'll discuss 5 excellent modifications that can save you loads of money at the gas pump.

For example, some of the parts that are currently installed in your car are unnecessarily heavy. Replacing these with lighter parts reduces your car's weight so that it burns less fuel. Devices like vacuum gauges can teach you how to consume less fuel as you drive, and some of the parts on this list can adjust the way that your vehicle consumes fuel to maximize efficiency.

Here are 5 things you need to know about fuel-efficient mods.

1. Vacuum Gauges

A vacuum gauge is a simple device that shows you how fuel-efficient your driving is. For instance, when the manifold vacuum reading is high, you're getting better mileage. When the reading is low, you're burning more fuel than necessary.

So based on these readings, you can adjust your driving habits, and soon you'll be driving more efficiently and saving lots of money on gas each month.

2. High-Flow Cold Air Intake System

The default air intake system that comes with your car is not the most efficient that there is. In fact, it's designed more for noise reduction than for efficiency.

Conversely, a high-flow cold air intake system is designed for maximum fuel economy, as these systems allow more oxygen into the engine. As a result, your engine will be more powerful while burning less fuel.

3. Performance Tuner

The fuel mixture in your engine is automatically regulated by your vehicle’s electronic control unit. However, you can regulate the fuel mixture manually by adding a performance tuner.

Finding the right mixture will require time and experimentation, but once you determine the ideal setting, your car will be more fuel-efficient.

4. Cat-Back Exhaust System

A cat-back exhaust system refers to every part of the exhaust system from the catalytic converter back. Replacing the manufacturer's exhaust system with a more efficient one will do a better job of expelling the exhaust gas. This makes your engine's overall workload easier.

5. Lightweight Suspension Kits

Lastly, you're probably aware that weight impacts fuel economy. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it burns. One easy way to reduce weight is by replacing the suspension system.

This system makes up a pretty large portion of your car, therefore the default system is quite heavy. There are some aftermarket suspension kits however that are much lighter because they're designed to improve performance.

Get These Fuel-Efficient Mods Now

These fuel-efficient parts are definitely worth the investment. They eventually pay for themselves with the money they save you on gas.

If you're ready to give these mods a try, we're here for you. Browse through our selection of Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and VW parts now. Or, if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us so we can get it for you.


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