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If you’ve ever installed a modification on a foreign car, you’ve probably heard of Neuspeed.

Consumers spend billions of dollars upgrading their cars, and a growing number of people customize their rides each year. For this reason, many aftermarket parts manufacturers—both trustworthy and untrustworthy—are entering the marketplace. However, Neuspeed is one company that stands out among a sea of competitors.

Fortunately for you, the company is still around and going strong. With their aftermarket parts, you can tweak your Euro ride to perfection.

If you’ve got the need for Neuspeed, keep reading.

Neuspeed Power Module

Today, anybody can throw up a website and falsely claim to sell quality aftermarket goods. These days, however, many so-called aftermarket sellers disappear when it comes time to ship parts.

Conversely, Neuspeed has served the aftermarket car market reliably and loyally for more than 25 years. Accordingly, the company is well-respected in the aftermarket parts universe.

The Neuspeed power module will completely change the attitude of your European vehicle. It’s well worth the investment. More importantly, it won’t void your warranty. Once you install the power module, you’ll feel a big difference right away.

It’s not the same as a full tune; however, the unit is remarkably easy to install and uninstall as needed. Moreover, the device is reliable.

Take your car to your dealer with the power module installed. In most cases, you won’t have to worry about it setting off any alarms.

Other drivers, however, may want to take a more cautious route. In that case, uninstalling the device is as easy as putting it in.

The Neuspeed power module will provide your car with the kind of added power that will wake up your engine. For many, the mod will make your ride feel brand-new.

As soon as you install it, you’ll feel a remarkable increase in the capabilities of your engine. If you ever uninstall it, you’ll most certainly miss the power. Best of all, it will give your engine a boost without tanking your gas mileage.

Neuspeed Wheels

Neuspeed has made custom wheels for more than 16 years. It’s one of the first companies to create flow-form wheels. The company is also one of the first firms to design and engineer this kind of wheel in-house.

During the flow-form process, the manufacturer shapes its wheels using high-pressure while it’s spinning. This manufacturing method results in a wheel that’s much stronger than those made using the cast-iron manufacturing process.

The Neuspeed family has been in the aftermarket parts business since 1975. The company takes pride in its products and offers a range of flow-form wheels that perform exceptionally on nearly any vehicle.

The Neuspeed RSe10 wheel is one of the company’s sleekest-looking aftermarket offerings.

Neuspeed RSe10 H3

The Neuspeed RSe10 wheel offers a stylish five-spoke design. The form of the wheel is simple and clean; however, it provides just the right touch of extra detail too.

For example, it features a beveled center hub. These kinds of special touches separate the RSe10 and other Neuspeed wheels from other split-five offerings.

Neuspeed designs their wheels to factory specifications. For this reason, you’re ensured a 100% direct bolt-on fitment. Their wheels also work perfectly with factory pressure monitoring systems.

You can snag a set of Neuspeed RSe10 wheels in a variety of colors. They’re available in black, bronze, hyper black, machine silver, midnight blue, and other colors. Also, they come in both 18-inch and 19-inch sizes.

Neuspeed Supercharger

The centerpiece of the Neuspeed Supercharger is the Eaton 45 cubic inch twin-rotor blower. This Neuspeed offering separates itself from other Eaton kits by integrating the supercharger in the intake manifold.

The design offers a perfect OEM fit. Furthermore, it’s easier to install the blower compared to other kits.

The Neuspeed Supercharger features a heavy-duty wall casting that provides great sound deadening. It also features wraparound fins that add extra strength and cooling capability.

The kit includes the proprietary Neuspeed P-Chip. The chip will tune your engine curve to boost performance.

Furthermore, the blower comes with a built-in bypass valve. This feature relieves the boost pressure when idling and light throttle cruising. The bypass valve helps to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

Neuspeed Coilovers

Neuspeed Coilover Springs will give your car a nice drop. More importantly, however, your vehicle will handle better when turning at high speeds. Overall, the Springs will give your ride a more aggressive feel and stance.

If you’re going to go for Neuspeed Coilover Springs, it’s a good idea to pair them with performance rims and shocks. Ultimately, you’ll create a feel that’s comfortable but not too bouncy.

Neuspeed Wheel Coilover Springs will stiffen your ride up nicely. Furthermore, they’re priced fairly.

Neuspeed: A Trusted Name for Euro Mods

Neuspeed has been in the automotive business for almost 50 years. The organization holds itself to the highest standards of quality, performance, safety, and reliability.

Over the years, Neuspeed has maintained an impressive record for leading the aftermarket parts industry in design, innovation, and materials. With attention to detail, they develop parts with impeccable fits and finishes. Accordingly, the company is a great choice if you want a trusted brand to help you take your ride to the next level.

A Euro Parts Retailer That Cares

Now you know more about the latest and greatest in Neuspeed Euro car offerings. What you need now is an equally credible parts retailer.

UroTuning is a leading source for OEM and performance parts for Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen vehicles. More importantly, we love cars!

We’re deeply embedded in the Euro car scene. Because of this relationship, we can provide you with nearly any aftermarket part that you may need.

Please feel free to browse our line of Neuspeed aftermarket parts and products from other manufacturers. If you don’t see what you want or need, no worries. Contact us at (813) 444-7021 or connect with us online. We’ll source the parts that you need ASAP!


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