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Your Mercedes Benz has always been a powerful beast on the road. But you still have a need for speed. You can't help it!

The good news? Several performance parts are designed to give your Mercedes Benz that extra boost of power you're looking for - or to help you maintain its high power safely. 

Here's a rundown on 3 Mercedes Benz performance parts that every Mercedes car enthusiast needs to know about in 2021.

Let's jump in!


When you drive a powerful machine like a Mercedes Benz, it's paramount that you have the high-level braking power to go with it.

So, to keep your machine performing at a high level safely, you may want to purchase top-tier brake pads that are uprated.

Alternatively, you can also buy a large brake conversion kit.

A conversion kit is designed to increase your brake caliper, pad, and disk size, thus allowing for improved braking power. This occurs because of the bigger friction surface created with it.


This is yet another area worth addressing if you'd like to keep your Mercedes Benz running powerfully, yet comfortably.

You have a couple of suspension options with your Mercedes Benz car. The first is comfort suspension, which uses a spring rate stiffness that is relatively soft. This helps with absorbing curves and bumps, therefore giving you a more comfortable ride overall.

The second option is sport-tuned suspension. This boosts your shock damping and spring rate stiffness, therefore making better handling possible. This, in turn, will lead to a more comfy ride.

Water Pump

Another excellent performance part for your Mercedes Benz is an electric water pump. 

The reality is, the majority of water pumps happen to be mechanical ones. Unfortunately, a mechanical pump drains power from a car's engine at a high rate, as it operates in proportion to the engine's revolutions per minute, or RPM.

Given the above, if you'll be doing a great deal of car tuning with your Mercedes Benz, you'll need to use an electric water pump instead. Electric water pumps help keep engine temperatures down, thus preventing overheating.

In addition, electric pumps are much more optimized when it comes to coolant weight and flow compared to their mechanical counterparts.

How We Can Help You Find Top Mercedes Benz Performance Parts

At UroTuning, we are proud to be Mercedes enthusiasts just like you, which is why we offer top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz performance parts to meet all of your needs for speed.

When you place an order for a part, you'll be working with enthusiasts who are as passionate as you are about bringing your Mercedes Benz dreams to life.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our parts can drive your Mercedes Benz's power and performance to new heights in the days ahead. If you're ready to shop for parts for your Mercedes, click here!


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