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HPA Motorsport is on sale for a limited time at UroTuning! HPA's new 'Stimulus Sale' offers big discounts on some of HPA's biggest and best turbo upgrade kits, intake manifolds, downpipes, coilover suspension systems, and more! If you've been waiting around for a great deal to come along to upgrade your turbo to a K04 or IS38 hybrid turbocharger, now is the time to pull the trigger! This sale won't last forever, so click and shop performance parts for your Volkswagen and Audi vehicles before these HPA deals end on February 14th!

HPA creates a wide range of turbo upgrades meant to upgrade or replace your OEM turbo system for increased power! The K04 Hybrid Turbo Upgrade is a prime example of how HPA develops turbo upgrades meant solely to outperform.

For over two decades, HPA has been building hybrid turbines for the VR6 powertrain, working with the very best suppliers both overseas and domestically. HPA ensures the tightest quality standards are maintained in castings and the assembly by proprietary CHRA's which feature a larger rotor and steeper turbine fins for increased torque delivery and rpm range.


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