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The wacky multi-colored VW all started with the Beetle in the 1960's. The few advertisements showcased how many interchangeable parts there were in the Beetle! But, what about the "Harlequin" that we know and love today? Well, let's jump to 1994 with the VW Polo. Ferdinand Piëch, chairman of the VW Group at the time, dug up the same Beetle advertisement in an effort to come up with the next big thing!

The Polo would be painted in the available colors to showcase some of the latest and greatest shades on the new generation car. The Term "Harlekin" (Harlequin) was keyed from the times past reference of a Harlekin and how they dressed in Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. The four colors on the concept included Chagall Blue, Tornado Red, Ginster Yellow and Pistachio Green.



The Polo Harlequin was only duplicated originally about 20 times to use in advertisement, auto shows, and strictly a showcase item never to be mass-produced for consumers. After the public eye feasting on the new multi-colored Polo, there was a demand and with all of VW's might, the demand was produced.

There were only about 1,000 VW Polo Harlequin's produced from the factory. In a fashion almost as fast as they came off the assembly line, the Polo's sold out! With this, VW produced an additional 2,800 more examples of the Harlequin. In that mass amount, fast food giant McDonalds gave away 500 of these cars in a marketing effort for the company.


The United States never received the Polo for their market, although the Polo's big brother did wonder the streets, the Golf. Only Sadly, the United States did not welcome the Harlequin with open in arms. In fact, the Golf was only produced in 264 examples of the Harlequin!

Dealerships were so desperate to sell the multi-colored Golf that they would piece together multiple Golfs to create one solid colored one to sell as a normal car. Even worse, some were RE-PAINTED losing their charm of the different colored panels all together. This one shown here was allegedly Harlequin #1 of the 264 and it was repainted a solid Ginster Yellow. Read the VWVortex thread here. 


Fast forward 25 years, and we land at present day. The VW Golf had survived more than that, but the Harlequin celebrates 25 years since the multi-colored VW hit the streets. This past weekend, September 3rd-5th was the Birthday Party for the Harlequin Golf at L'oe Show in Pottstown, PA. The car show took place at Jamie Orr's shop, Orchid Euro and the main event took place in a live mall!


A total of 21 of the 264 Harlequins celebrated in all conditions, modifications and variants. Some were survivor cars with little to no underside left from rust, others were fully kitted MK3's with period correct modifications sprinkled all over. Either way, Happy Birthday VW Harlequin (Harlekin) and cheers to VW creativity.


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