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Imagine it is a dark night as you drive home and you suddenly see the flashing red and blue lights. The officer pulls you over to tell you that you have a headlight out. You may think your next step would be just to go and buy a new bulb, but you need to do some research first to find out which bulb is best for your vehicle.

There are several different styles of headlights to choose from when you go to replace the bulb. Pay attention to what you're buying because headlight bulbs can last anywhere from 1000 hours (or less) to over 30,000 hours!

How do you choose the best headlight bulb for your car? Are LED headlights the best option? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about LED headlights like the MK7 GTI headlights and why you need them.

Background Information About the Golf MK7 GTI Headlights

The headlights that come stock with this model aren't anything to brag about. Even average drivers agree that getting the headlights replaced in the Golf MK7 GTI is worth every dime they spent.

Volkswagen distributes these cars with halogen headlight bulbs. These kinds of headlights run hot and have a shorter lifespan.

But, the good news is that halogen light assemblies accept most LED bulbs without conversion. Not needing to buy a new set of headlight modules saves you almost $2000 in some cases!

Why Choose LED Headlights

LED headlight bulbs don't come cheap from any retailer! Why should you invest money into this kind of headlight bulb instead of throwing in whatever is the cheapest?

One of the most important benefits of these kinds of headlight bulbs is greater visibility while you're driving. On top of that, oncoming traffic will see you better too, adding an extra level of nighttime safety.

Another huge benefit is the lifespan of these headlight bulbs. An LED headlight bulb lasts about 30 times longer than the highest quality halogen bulb. Chances are that if you install a pair of LED headlight bulbs, the car's next owner won't need to replace them for years down the road.

You'll want to choose a quality brand LED headlight bulb that has a good heat sink to avoid overheating and possible reduced lifespan. The last thing you want is to spend LED bulb money but only get the quality of a halogen bulb.

You Never See Further Than Your Headlights, but You Make It the Whole Way

Even if your headlights still light the way, if you're still using the stock headlights in your VW MK7 GTI, you haven't seen anything yet. Try out a set of LED headlight bulbs instead and see the difference for yourself.

You don't even need a mechanic to complete this car upgrade. However, if you're not comfortable doing this job without help, any local mechanic can install them for you.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about Volkswagen MK7 GTI headlights. If you're looking for more high-octane articles about modifying European cars, check out the rest of our blog today!


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