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In 2018, Audi sold over 1.8 million cars worldwide. With this many cars being driven on a consistent basis, there are bound to be some common problems that pop up.

If you own an Audi, you need to be aware of these common Audi problems. This will help you keep an eye out for them so you can catch them earlier and avoid expensive repair costs.

Don't ignore these common Audi problems:

Rattling Engine

You head out to your car, start the car up and immediately hear a rattling sound. It only lasts a few seconds, but it’s still disconcerting. The source of that sound is the camshaft adjuster and chain tensioner.

When you have the right amount of oil pressure in your car, these components have the proper amount of lubricant to prevent the rattling sound caused by metal parts banging against each other.

You lose oil pressure when the weather gets cold or when you lose oil volume. If it’s the cold, the rattling sound should go away in a few seconds as the engine heats up and oil pressure rises

If the sound doesn’t go away, bring your Audi in for a mechanic to look at it. 

Oil Leaks

This is a problem that might lead to the previous issue. If you have an oil leak, you’ll lose oil pressure. It’s a common occurrence to smell burning oil when driving an Audi because oil tends to leak from the gasket seals and valve covers. 

Leaking oil is a fire hazard. No one wants their engine to burst into flames while driving to work.

Oil leaking also does damage to your engine’s electronics. The oil will corrode the wiring, damage the connectors, and render the control module inoperable. 

If you smell burning oil or notice oil drops under your parked car, take it in for service. The longer you ignore this problem, the more expensive it will be to fix. 

Exhaust Issues

The biggest problem with the Audi exhaust is that it can start leaking. Many Audi's have a flexible joint in their exhaust system right before the catalytic converter. Over time, that joint gets weathered and corroded. When this happens, it begins to leak.

You'll know you have this problem when your car suddenly has a beefier sound to it. While the sound is attractive, ignoring the problem will result in an expensive fix. 

The leak will cause all kinds of error codes in your system and cause your O2 sensor to malfunction. The leak will also put pressure on other exhaust components and cause them to break. Catch the problem early and replace the joint.

Preventing These Audi Problems

By keeping an eye out for these Audi problems, you can save yourself headaches and expensive repair bills later on. Use all of your senses to pay attention to how your car runs. Listen, look, and smell and if anything is out of the ordinary, have your vehicle looked at. 

Ensure your Audi continues to run smoothly by only using the finest quality parts. Shop our store today. 


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