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UroTuning is excited to announce the release of the next generation of air suspension management: AccuAir e-Level +! e-Level+ is in stock now at UroTuning! Built on the foundation of the highly successful AccuAir e-Level technology, e-Level+ expands upon the previous AccuAir line with better performance, more robust hardware, bluetooth 5.0 integration, and overall aesthetic and form factor updates!

New e+ from AccuAir introduces an entirely new upgrade path and price point, allowing enthusiasts to choose between a combo of a simple wireless switchbox with the new app, height sensors, and new touchpad.

AccuAir e+ Connect is the foundation of your control system, and gives you the ability to use the module as a standalone wireless switchbox with Bluetooth 5.0 and compressor management, or add a touchpad and height sensors at a time of your choosing. The e+ connect kit includes the ECU+, main harness, and pressure sensor and installation hardware. Features of e+ Connect ECU:

  • Programmable LED backlighting allowing the user to completely customize the look of your air ride system.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 provides a larger range and easier connectivity than previous generations. Enjoy automatic pairing and wireless connection.
  • e+ Connect is fully compatible with previous the previous of generation Touchpad and height sensors, allowing you to install the ECU alone and use the new e-Level+ app!

The new AccuAir e+Height kit is a leveling upgrade that includes new height sensors, harnesses, and installation hardware.

These new height sensors provide highly accuarate suspension leveling regardless of load. Your vehicles handling, performance, and ride quality will become more consistent, and your height will be more tune-able.

AccuAir creates the most trusted and widely used method of controlling air suspension on the market!

The new e-Level+ controller takes the touchpad controller you've come to know and love and updates it with a new thinner, magnetic, stainless housing, an improved cordless design, and a compressor indicator light so that you will always know when your compressor is at work.

  • Cordless design allows for handheld or panel mounting.
  • Magnetic case allows for a huge range of mounting options anywhere in your vehicle!
  • Compressor status indicator indicates the status of your CVT or standard compressor. CVT are so quiet that you may not be able to tell it is running without an indicator!


  • Posted On March 17, 2020 by Cherokee Design LLC

    The price of a complete e-level system for a 2002 ford mustang gt on 19" in front and 20" in the rear ,so if you can get the pricing to me will be great

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