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Designing and manufacturing absolutely killer performance parts out of Gilbert, Arizona, Agency Power has made a serious name for themselves as a go to brand for top tier parts for the niche BMW tuner market. Agency Power products are based on the idea of ultimate functionality and performance with an emphasis on race-proven results. Famous for innovative products like carbon air intakes, intercoolers, hoses, Y-pipes, and more, Agency Power has an edge that will take your BMW to the next level! Let's take a look at some of Agency Power's lineup of parts for BMW!


Agency Power Short Ram Air Intake for M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i

One of the easiest ways to gain some more horsepower as well as tighten up your throttle response on your BMW 40i B58 Turbo engine is with an air intake kit. The Agency Power Short Ram Intake is a direct replacement for the OEM air-box, but with higher flow for increased performance. Featuring a new aluminum intake tube with CNC machined MAP sensor mount, precision cut heat shield with mounting tabs, and a new high flow air filter, this intake retains factory fitment as well as MAP readings. Featuring a high quality black powder-coat finish and an air filter with an end-cap inlet for higher flow, the Agency Power Short Ram Air intake is the perfect easy to install power upgrade for your BMW.

Agency Power Front Mount Air Intake Kit BMW M3 F80 and M4 F82 / F83

Agency Power's main challenge when designing an intake for the M3 and M4 S55 engine was to create a design that outperformed the factory air intake. The Agency Power Kit relocates the intakes to directly behind the BMW's famous kidney grills which allows for higher air-flow as well as cooler air, which is a huge performance factor in the high heat S55 engine. The Agency Power Front Mount Air Intake kit is made from cutting edge roto-molded plastic that retains less heat than typical aluminum tubular products from competitors. Agency Power's front mount intake is designed for the high performance enthusiasts looking to further their already modified M car.

Agency Power Top Mount Intercooler - BMW F80 M3 | F82 M4

Intercoolers are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any forced induction system, and Agency Power knows that. The Agency Power F8X intercooler fits into the stock location and offers significantly better cooling compared to stock. If you enjoy spirited driving, the OEM intercooler can Quickly become a power bottleneck, leaving a ton of potential power on the table. The Agency Power Top Mount Intercooler is 61% larger than stock, providing lower charge air temperatures, and reduced heat soak. Cooler Air means more power!


Agency Power Aeroform Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Lip BMW F82 F80 M4 M3

Agency Power has enhanced the BMW F8X M3 & M4 chassis with their all new 3-piece carbon fiber Aeroform front lip. This carbon lip is specifically engineered to increase the aerodynamic performance of the front of the F80 M3 or F82 M4, while at the same time providing a much more aggressive aesthetic. Agency Power's Aeroform Front lip for the BMW is constructed from high quality 2x2 carbon fiber weave and is finished in a high gloss finish to protect against UV, while giving a beautiful wet looking finish. This product has been designed as a complete OEM replacement and attaches directly to the OEM hardware in place of the factory part.

Agency Power Aeroform Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser BMW F80 M3 & F82 M4

Another high quality carbon fiber upgrade from Agency Power, this carbon rear diffuser for your M3 of M4 gives the rear of your vehicle a much more aggressive and OEM-Plus look. Constructed from high quality 2x2 carbon fiber weave and finished with a high gloss clear coat, this rear diffuser is the perfect cherry on top of your BMW build!

Pair your carbon diffuser with some carbon fiber side skirt extensions from Agency Power fo the ultimate carbon-aero look.

Don't drive a BMW? Don't worry! Agency Power has a huge range of parts for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles! Including intakes, pulleys, exhausts, and much more! Explore just a few of these options below!

Agency Power Upgraded Pulley Kit Audi 3.0T Supercharged

Agency Power’s new 3.0 TFSI supercharger pulley is designed to take the supercharged 3.0T Audi to the next level! The 304 Stainless steel pulley works by safely overdriving the stock Eaton supercharger to maximize boost pressure output. This increase in boost allows for massive performance gains that can be felt all the way to redline. Pair this pulley with an ECU flash to take full advantage and maximize performance gains! The pulley includes a new belt and finished in a beautiful anodized smoke grey with the Agency Power logo laser etched.

Agency Power Cold Air Intake System Volkswagen MK7 | Golf GTI | Golf R | Audi A3 | S3

By using high-quality Rotomolded plastic for the intake box and the intake tube, less heat is transferred to the air intake inside the intake system. Agency Power also retained the functionality of the OEM air duct system, which funnels cold air from outside the vehicle to the intake. When combined with the Agency Power SuperNano-Web technology filter, the result is increased air flow and low intake air temperatures.

Agency Power Catback Exhaust Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7

A catback exhaust for the Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 is the first modification you will want to do to further the driving experience. Agency Power has engineered a beautiful sounding exhaust system for the Golf GTI Mk7 which will benefit the vehicle in performance.

While offering a stylish alternative to enhance the VW’s appearance, the Agency Power Stainless Steel Exhaust System is a simple bolt on design. The exhaust is designed to replace the factory system from the stock downpipe back. The catalytic converter is in the downpipe which gives the exhaust the name, catback. The lighter muffler delete exhaust now weighs only 30 lbs which saves 14 lbs over the factory 44 lbs exhaust.


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