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ARM Motorsport has just released their new front mount intercooler for the Volkswagen MK7 platform! If you've been looking for a compact front mount intercooler that packs a punch when it comes to performance, the new ARM intercooler is perfect for you! This intercooler gives your GTI up to 24whp and 26wtq by reducing intake air temperatures by 74%, making it one of the best upgrades you can do for your MK7 GTI. The ARM MK7 FMIC is so efficient that it outperforms stock-location intercoolers that are almost twice it's size!

With this new intercooler, ARM has proven that when it comes to intercoolers, bigger isn't always better. The main purpose of an upgraded intercooler is to help keep intake air temperatures cool. The bigger an intercooler is, the more charge-air is required to fill it up, and therefore more of a potential for pressure drop, power loss and dreaded turbo lag. In an ideal world, the best solution would be to not need an intercooler at all and have cool charge-air run straight from the turbo to the intake manifold. However, the charge-air coming from the turbo isn't cool, and too much heat will decrease power on your MK7. The AMR intercooler strikes the perfect balance between keeping your intake air cool, and cutting down on unnecessary size and turbo lag.

When you increase the power on your MK7 with a tune or ECU flash, you are increasing the boost pressure by asking the turbocharger to spin faster for a longer period of time. The faster and longer your turbo spins to build boost, the higher the temperature your charged-air will become. When the ECU detects that the intake air temperature (IAT) becomes too high, it will reduce timing and limit the amount of power your engine can produce in order to avoid damage.

An intercooler upgrade is so essential for the MQB platform, that most tuners require an upgraded intercooler for flashing your MK7 with any tune above a basic stage 1 map. Since we need an intercooler to make the power we want and keep our MK7 running efficiently, the best solution is to have an intercooler that is as small as possible while still keeping intake air temperatures (IAT) low. This is exactly what the ARM MK7 FMIC Kit does.  
The heart of the ARM MK7 GTI FMIC is it's efficient bar and plate intercooler core measuring 22 x 9 x 3.25 inches. Making the total intercooler volume 644 cubic inches. With the OEM intercooler coming in at 493 cubic inches, the ARM MK7 FMIC is only 28% larger than the OEM unit.

Combine the efficient positioning of the intercooler with our ultra-dense fin packs with a fin-density of 20 fins per inch, and you have the ARM MK7 FMIC kit which is rated to handle up to 575hp, making it capable of supporting some of the most demanding builds. 


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