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hpa vr550t vr6

The New HPA VR550T Swap for your VW is a Game Changer!

Volkswagen has long been known for four-cylinder engines with lots of aftermarket support, but there's an undeniable allure to the wookie howl of a VR6 powerhouse. Embracing this sentiment, HPA Motorsports based in Canada has unveiled its latest offering: their VR550T, which is a reworked crate engine from the Chinese VW market, breathing new life into the iconic VR6 engine configuration. This exciting development opens up a world of possibilities for VW enthusiasts seeking a taste of the long lost VR6's raw power and distinctive character.

First introduced by Volkswagen in 1991, the VR6 engine, uses a "staggered six," configuration that revolutionized compact car performance. By using a narrow angle between cylinder banks, VW engineers managed to fit a full six-cylinder engine into tight transverse-layout engine bays. While the VR6 was once a common sight across the VW lineup, it has since been limited to larger models such as the Atlas SUV. Furthermore, the VR6 engine has been discontinued in the American market, making HPA Motorsports' VR550T crate engine project a much-awaited solution for enthusiasts seeking a new VR6 powerplant. The VR6 has a cult-like following due to it's incredible sound signature — often compared to the Chewbacca sound from Star Wars. With a newer VR6 offering like this, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the VR6 sound and power without having to worry about an older engine platform.

hpa vr6 vr550T

This new motor from has been in development for quite a while. HPA Motorsports updated the chinese VR engine and has unleashed the VR550T, a 2.5-liter turbocharged VR6 engine packing a remarkable punch. With an output of 550 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque, the VR550T hopes to deliver awesome performance on both the street and the track.

HPA Motorsports aims to fulfill the desires of VW enthusiasts longing for a Golf R with an elevated drivetrain. While the Golf R has traditionally been powered by a potent turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the allure of a more sophisticated powerplant with sentimental and historical prowess is undeniable. Recall the legendary Golf R32, which debuted back in 2003 with a 3.2-liter VR6 engine. HPA's VR550T crate engine seeks to capture that spirit and offer enthusiasts a chance to embrace the Golf R they have always yearned for in a refreshed and seamless offering.

While specific pricing details are yet to be unveiled, HPA Motorsports has generated substantial excitement surrounding the VR550T crate engine project. A post on their instagram suggests that they have quite the stockpile and are ready to meet demand. Chances are, this will be quite the pricey upgrade, especially if you are having it done professionally. It is unclear yet if the engines can be bought without an HPA install.

For VW enthusiasts who have long fantasized about harnessing the unparalleled power of a six-cylinder engine in their Golf R, HPA Motorsports has transformed that dream into a tangible reality.



  • Posted On July 20, 2023 by Benjamin Robb

    I’d love some more information, maybe a phone call.

  • Posted On July 20, 2023 by Charles

    You can probably turbo the stock VR6 and get more power with the larger displacement for less money.l know some people are building up the stock 2Liters in the golf R’s and getting around 600 hp. Plus the light weight motets offer good handling characteristics as opposed to the VR6.

  • Posted On July 20, 2023 by Mike Bellone

    Need more info on the vr6 crate motor

  • Posted On July 20, 2023 by Gerardo Galarza

    Is this engine compatible with vw cc 2009 2.0t or audi tt 2008 2.0t trans what would u need to install

  • Posted On July 20, 2023 by Ben D. Over

    How much are these motors and where can I get much more information on them for purchase? Now at a dead end.

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