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How do you take the best performing intercooler for the VW/Audi MQB market and make it even better? That's easy, improve everything! The not so easy part? Making it all work! After 6 years of dominating the market with the unique Flow Distribution System (FDS) Intercooler, The engineers over at Integrated Engineering found room to further push the envelope of boost cooling performance.

The core has been increased by 137% over stock which is officially the largest IC that can be purchased with a bolt-in fitment.

To accommodate this larger core design, all new cast end tanks have also been completely redesigned with improved and reinforced mounting points and incredible install accuracy.

The result is a market leading 74% intake air temperature reduction, 8% less pressure drop, massive core volume, and the ultimate defense against heat soak.

The new V2 intercooler system is designed to use factory charge hoses with no performance loss. Using factory hoses also allows for a larger platform of vehicle applications. For customers who want aftermarket silicone hoses, a kit will be available separately for common MK7 & 8V chassis. COMING SOON! Pre-order now!


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