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The 2020 RS6 created quite a stir when Audi announced that it would be coming across the pond to the USA, and for good reason. The USA has long been waiting for Audi to offer a new powerful RS wagon stateside, and they finally delivered. Featuring a twin-turbocharged V8 generating 591 horsepower, and 590 lb-ft of torque from the factory, the new RS6 doesn't need much in the way of power to begin with. The new RS6 combines V8 power with a 48 volt mild hybrid system similar to systems found on other Audi platforms including the A8 sedan and Q8 crossover.

Now all this power from the factory is great, but if there's a hand full of things we've come to know and love about car culture it's that OEM is never enough, and limits are there to be pushed. Some may see well over 500 horsepower as a huge number under your right foot... and some see even greater potential.

MTM USA, a company specializing in Euro-car tuning and performance products, has just developed a tune for the brand new Audi RS6, reportedly pushing the already insane wagon to numbers of 787 horsepower and 760 lb-ft of torque. If the RS6 was something commanding respect directly off the showroom floor, now it's something that commands fear. On a side note, the new RS7 and RSQ8 reported similar numbers on a software tune.

Did we mention this near 800 horsepower tune is stage 1? That's right, with a simple software tune, the RS6 is pushing near 800 horses. Hellcat who? As more developers begin to create hardware and software for the new RS6 platform, only time will tell the absolute insanity that this vehicle is capable of. We will be on the edge of our seats waiting to see where enthusiasts take the wild potential of the new RS6.

Scheduled to begin arriving in the states in 2021, the new Audi RS6 unapologetically blurs the lines between super car and grocery getter.


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