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Porsche recently unveiled what car industry experts are claiming is the most powerful 911 ever. This car is loaded with Porsche performance parts, such as a 700 horsepower engine, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and a magnesium roof.

This rear-wheel-drive car can rocket you from zero 60 in just 2.7 seconds. It has a top speed of 211 miles per hour.

Instead of buying this new car, you can replace some of the parts on your Porsche with performance upgrades. Check out this list and find out what parts will give you the most bang for your buck.

New Suspension

When people think about performance, they tend to focus on horsepower, but that is only a piece of the equation. Replacing the suspension in your Porsche will let you lower the car and change how the vehicle handles through turns.

You don't have to lower the car so much that you can't go over speedbumps or dips in the road. One to two inches can completely change how your Porsche directs air around the body. You can also change the coils to be softer or stiffer, which will change how your car handles turns and lean.

For the most change, replace the entire suspension with a performance kit. But if you're looking for something less intrusive, you can replace the coilovers or springs.


If more power is what you crave, a turbocharger is the performance upgrade you're looking for. Adding a turbocharger to your engine compresses the air going into the engine. The compressed air helps your engine get more air into the cylinders.

More air means more fuel, and this results in bigger combustion in the cylinder. The bigger the combustion, the more power produced. This translates to more power and more horsepower produced.

It's best to have a mechanic who is experienced with turbochargers install yours. They can help tune your engine to ensure the greatest amount of both efficiency and performance.

Exhaust System

Once you upgrade the engine with a turbo, you'll have more air coming out of the exhaust. This means you'll want to upgrade the exhaust system to accommodate the increased demand. Your exhaust pipes are a certain diameter to funnel expelled air away from the engine at a particular rate.

Upgrading your exhaust can allow more air to get pushed through the system faster. This lets the engine perform better and not get choked up by expelled gas bogging down in the exhaust system.

When looking for an upgraded exhaust, look for a diameter that's larger than your stock one. You should also look for a high flow catalytic converter. In addition, keep in mind the sound, because while it doesn't affect performance, you'll want to sound good when you fire off the line.

Try These Porsche Performance Parts

If you're looking to upgrade your car's performance stats, then you need to consider replacing your stock parts with Porsche performance parts. These three upgrades may not be the cheapest out there, but they're proven effective and worth the investment.

For the most improvement, consider doing all three. This way, you can have a balanced car from engine to exhaust and handling to match.

Start shopping our extensive inventory of parts for your Porsche today.


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