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Volkswagen created the hot hatch. Once the Golf GTI gained a foothold in the hearts and minds of the public, there was no going back. Volkswagen performance became history.

Naturally, the popularity of the Golf GTI spawned a generation of gear heads ravenous and ready to spice up their rides – all looking for the newest high-performance Volkswagen they could get their hands on. 

We sell performance parts to precisely those kinds of people. So, we know what every Volkswagen owner should upgrade first to transform their cars into speed demons. 

Front Sway Bars

Most people get caught up in adding power to their cars. However, if you can't control that power, it's all going to go to waste. We recommend that you invest in a good-quality sway bar first before improving any other part of your car. 

A sway bar assists your suspension and, in our opinion, is one of the best Volkswagen performance parts you can invest in. Sway bars make cars much more rigid, stopping body roll. This extra stiffness helps your suspension resist crushing G-forces as you turn corners. You should invest in a decent sway bar. 

To check out our sway bars, go here

Height-Adjustable Coilovers

Coilovers are a no brainer when you're putting your baby through the modding process. Not only do they look incredible, but they also help your car handling and appearance. 

Most reputable coil-over companies have a racing pedigree as well, so you should be able to achieve a wildly more responsive ride without the pain of rock-hard springs.

To check out our coilovers for your next build, go here

Control Arms

Control arms are our next go to upgrade and mod. Have you noticed a pattern?

All of our favorite mods increase handling performance! Volkswagen's performance has never been because of power. They've always come out on top because of their superior handling and overall construction. 

A new set of control arms will work on both of these principles beautifully. 

If you buy the right set of control arms, you'll be able to reduce the weight of your car, improving your car's stance and your car's handling. You'll notice the effect that this small change will have right away. 

To find the right control arm for you, head here


Next, upgrade your wheels. New and improved wheels can give you better handling, a lighter car, and an incredible aesthetic upgrade.

So, how do you find the right wheels? Well, we encourage you to start on our site first (but no pressure). Shed weight and gain cred by buying new wheels. 

To check out our newest selection of wheels, head over here

Intake System

We're finally moving onto the power plant of your new, high-performance Volkswagen. You should upgrade the intake system in your car before anything else engine related. 

In many ways, your intake system is like the brain of your car. Your intake decides how much air your vehicle should get – ultimately deciding how your engine runs.

An adequate intake system is also essential for tuning your car. The better the intake system, the more horsepower your engine will make. 

Here are our personal choices for an intake system upgrade

Intake Manifold

How do you punch up your power even more?

You upgrade your intake manifold. Upgrading your intake manifold is one of the best mods you can do. Typically, intake manifolds are designed for compromising between power and fuel economy. We love that.

However, knowing that your car is compromising its untapped potential means that you now have the incredible opportunity to squeeze out even more power. A new intake manifold means more airflow, which equals more power slamming into your pistons. 

To check out our favorite intake manifolds, head over here


We're finally moving onto the cosmetics of your car. Of course, you may have already modded your car specifically for looks, but to us, looks are always second to performance.

Now that your car has enough performance to scare a whole town, it's time to work on the sounds it makes. There are many different kinds of mufflers that you can choose from, and each will give you a completely different tone.

When you're choosing your exhaust, we recommend that you find the pipe you think looks and sounds the best. Look up some demonstrations of its sound, and also of pictures of it on already modded Volkswagens. Then make your decision.

We know you'll find the perfect pipe. 

To take a look at our mufflers, look here.

Air Lift Kit 

It may be time to slam your Golf. You know it, and I know it.

Golfs and other Volkswagens look incredibly good when they've been lowered. Practically speaking, lowering your car doesn't do much. Speed bumps will become the bane of your existence, and you'll bottom out on every curb – leading to an increase in performance Volkswagen service visits with your mechanic.

However, Volkswagens look evocative when they're lowered with airbag suspension over the tires. We love the look of them, and we think that if you give them a try, you'll love them too. 

Check out our air suspension here

Front Splitter

A front splitter will do nothing but look mean. (Unless you're obsessed with the fastest time at your local track days).

Attach a lip to the bottom of your bumper and step back, because your car is sure to growl at you. An excellent front splitter is one of our favorite things to see on a visually-modded car.

Do this modification last and do it right. 

For inspiration, head over to our online selection.  

If You Want Volkswagen Performance Get Out and Mod

The best way to guarantee that your car won't let you down is to pour yourself into it. You don't have to spend a lot, and you don't have to do any crazy mods, but get out and detail your Golf or change the fluids in your Jetta.

Then, once you've learned all you can about your car, you can start tweaking and improving it with mods and money. If you'd like to read more about great Volkswagen performance-enhancing tips, head to our blog to read more.


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