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The Golf R series of vehicle has had a history with generations of inovation and leading vehicle technology. We wanted to highlight the generations that the United States markets were able to get their hands on starting with the MK4 R32 and going to todays newest addition, the MK8 Golf R. Take an adventure with us as we showcase some amazing examples of all the generations between the MK4 and MK8!

For this project, we gathered some of our local friends in the Tampa, FL area at our new location for UroTuning HQ. With great cars, great hangs, good weather and a few camera's, this is the .:R Generations Showcase.


The MK4 R32 was the first example of the "R" series of vehicle to hit the shores of U.S. ports all over. The MK4 R32 came only as a two door hatch with a manual 6 speed transmission paired with the ever-famous all wheel drive system. Some other features that made this edition stand out from the standard Golf of the year was the sport wingback seats, brushed interior trim pieces throughout the interior, special model specific bumpers; front and rear, and R32 Insignia dedicating it as the R32 model.

Albert Gagne was excited to bring out his R32 with some special power mods such as a supercharger kit, suspension upgrades and exhaust to match with the forced induction wookie. Albert has been a huge fan of the R32 since they hit delaerships on day one, and now hes a proud owner of a great example of the MK4 generation R32.


With the MK5 generation of Golf and Jetta hitting dealerships nationwide, the R32 had its comeback in a fresh new design! Still offered only in a two door, the new MK5 R32 did now feature a DSG Transmission over the 6 Speed manual transmission. Manual options were only offered overseas. In addition to this new offer, the obivous body styling was more in line with the MK5 series but with "R" specific bumpers and a center exit exhaust. The interior was updated with a new seat design, steering wheel and also offered brushed finish mirror caps.

Alen Zeric, one of our Sales Representatives, brought out his bagged MK5 R32 for the generations showcase and features some rambunctious modifications inlcluding his bright green wrap on the car!


The MK6 was the first generation to knock off the"32" part from the branding as it now featured a 2.0T replacement for the VR6 3.2L. Along with this change came the option of two or four door options for the hot hatch. In addition to the physical changes, the carryover from the MK5 series was the center exit exhaust available on the Golf R for the MK6 generation.

Kollin Upton, the UroTuning Webteam Manager, rolled up in his MK6 Golf R for the generrations showcase event. Kollin has spec'd out his Golf R with nearly every Unitronic bolt on modificaiton in conjuntion with software for his build. The setup is perfect for carving mountain roads like Wookies and The Woods events and Alpine Volks Fair.


MK7 Golf R was one that held many changes and was a milestone for the brand. The MK7 Golf R featured a facelift to the standard MK7 Golf models and was available in two doors, four doors, manual and automatic configurations. There is a Golf R for eveyone! With an upgraded 2.0T over the last generations, this MK7 Golf R featured more power for the drivers.

Zak Kloss from the Tampa area, brought out his MK7 Golf R tastefully modded. Zak's Golf R features an airride system, Rotiform wheels paired with the Aero Disc. Zak also has a few power mods to beneift from the Golf R's offering of a true drivers car.


The MK7.5 Golf R featured some special facelift upgrades from the MK7 generation. Along with a few subtle physical differences the bumpers, the MK7.5 was also offered in a Spektrum of colors. This color was offered by order only or if you could get your hands on a dealer allocation! These colors were almost 40 in number and seemingly endless!

Winn Clopton was out representing the MK7.5 generation of the Golf R and proudly showed off his ultimate OEM+ setup. Winn's Golf R features a white on black setup and software from Unitronic. He has many more plans to make it the ultimate weekend warrior but in the mean time, is enjoying many of the power and handling features of his MK7.5

For even more content on these amazing cars and more, head over to our YouTube Channel and checkout our full .:R Generations Showcase feature!


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