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Did you know that almost 33% of all car collisions in America happen from the rear? Such crashes can result in whiplash and even worse medical issues, not to mention the financial damages too.

This is why it's so important to have the best car brakes on the market. Simply put, some brakes are a lot better than others.

Are you wondering which ones you should have on your vehicle? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of car brakes.

1. Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes are some of the most common brakes. There are two types of brakes that use hydraulic pressure.

The first is single-circuit. This is because there's a master cylinder that is connected to all four of your wheel's brakes through rubber fittings and pipes.

The other type is dual-circuit. The first of two command circuits is only activated when you press on the brakes, while the other one is activated by your car's computer. However, both communicate with each other for safe braking.

2. Mechanical Brakes

When it comes to car braking systems, mechanical brakes are the most tried and true, even if they aren't the most advanced. Simply put, mechanical brakes work by using friction.

The first type uses a disc. When you press the brakes, brake pads will push against the wheel's rotor to slow the spinning. Drum brakes, on the other hand, employs brake shoes that expand outward on each of the rotiform wheels.

3. Electric Brakes

Thanks to the wonders of improved technology, it's now possible to have automatic brakes powered by electricity.

In general, there are three different types of electric brake systems. The first is a brake-by-wire system, which activates when you step on the brakes. The car's computer will then calculate the force of the braking and use that information for the hydraulic pump system.

There's also an anti-lock braking system. As the name suggests, they prevent your brakes from locking if pressed too quickly. The last and most sophisticated type is an advanced emergency brake system, which uses sensors to activate your brakes to avoid any potential collisions, even when bears are involved.

4. Power Brakes

There are two different types of power brakes. The first kind is called air brakes. As the name suggests, it uses air instead of hydraulic fluid, but you'll usually only find these brakes in buses and trucks.

The other type is called a power brake booster. This will use your engine's natural vacuum power to help stop the vehicle.

Ready to Choose Your Type of Car Brakes?

Now that you've learned all about the different types of car brakes, you can choose the ones that suit your vehicle best. With the best brakes, you'll have peace of mind even in the most stop-and-go traffic.

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