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Do you want to add even more power to your Porsche? Are you craving just a little more roar and bite? If so, you need to look into the exhaust and survey your options. 

Not only is the exhaust a great place to add power, it can also drop some weight from the vehicle. Below, we discuss the best options for upgrading to a Porsche sports exhaust.

AWE Tuning 991 Carrera Performance Exhaust

The AWE tuning exhaust is one of the most beautifully crafted aftermarket products for the vehicle and is almost a necessity. It is designed for the Porsche 991 Carrera 3.4L and brings out its potential for power while retaining the handling and driveability you love.

This was originally tested on a Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, more commonly known as the Porsche Double-Clutch (PDK) transmission. This system has been a feature in many Porsches since the 80s, improving the switch in the transmission for motorsport vehicles by the use of two simultaneous gearboxes. Once it was perfected for this complex system, it was then applied to a manual transmission. 

This exhaust works perfectly with both systems. It will allow you to keep that AWE signature sound no matter the gear you are in, on any model. 

T-3404 stainless steel is the tough material used to craft the exhaust, with each weld handcrafted. Fabrication also creates an aerodynamic flow by making sure all port sizes correlate with flange openings. All of this can add 29hp and 33tq at the crank while managing to shave 12lbs off the weight of the standard exhaust. 

None of this extra power has any bearing on the emissions, so any fitting of this sports exhaust lets the vehicle remain street legal. Black or chrome outlet tips are a personal selection, though you may decide to go for the angle cut stainless steel stock tips. 

AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust - 981 Boxster/Cayman

This exhaust system is a classic and has been constantly upgraded and refined until perfection. It will add 13hp and 19tq at the crank to your Boxster or Cayman, while also providing a beautifully-sustained exhaust tone that is great for both performance and daily driving. 

Development on this product has been beyond rigorous. The tones of the Boxster were studied at various RPMs. An exhaust was then designed that cut out the undesirable frequencies and hosted those which were lacking.

Every TIG weld was then handcrafted with a gas purge, so that exhaust flow was maximized to increase performance. Tips can be added that are chrome silver or walled black. It has a lifetime exhaust warranty and a No Cel guarantee, so you definitely won't get a check engine light when installed.

AWE Tuning SwitchPath Porsche Sports Exhaust - 991 Carrera

For anyone wanting to add some serious Porsche sports exhaust performance, the Switchpath has to be the first stop. Yes, it is much more pricey than other options, but this value becomes evident once the tone of the 3.8L power plant kicks in.

It will fit the 991 Carrera S and 4S. The switch path is a very responsive exhaust, adapting to commands that are sent from your ECU. All of your console control buttons are completely retained.

Track and touring are the two main options the exhaust provides. For the track, exhaust gasses get directed away from the side mufflers, creating a beautiful roar from your machine. In touring mode, gasses are tuned through the side mufflers for a harmonious ring. 

Both of these will respond to your driving style. If you start to really push the throttle in your driving, the exhaust switches to track. With lighter breaks on the throttle, you will find that it adapts to the touring model. 

Tips can be switched for the stock ones (black or chrome versions on both PSE and non-PSE models). It also won't alter any emissions levels, so you are cleared for use on the street.

AWE Tuning Performance Exhaust System - 986 Boxster

This exhaust is a design aimed specifically at the racer. The modular design allows you to switch between straight or resonator pipes easily. Straight pipes will take the most weight off, yet the resonators can bring the volume down for a quieter drive. 

It can save you 21lbs in weight if you use the straight pipe option, and 12lbs if you opt for the resonators. It can also increase power to +11hp and +1ft-lb at the crank peak, then +36hp and +29ft-lbs at the crank at 6250 rpm maximum gains. 

Expansion is a problem many sports exhausts can suffer from, and it can cause them to crack in a race as they outgrow their fixed hanger. A unique, floating hanger made from stainless steel mesh can absorb this increase in size. This allows you to really punish your exhaust on the track without the worry of it heating and cracking.

Bolting onto the factory exhaust manifold makes it extremely easy to fit. This makes it akin to a factory system, but with all the added benefits provided by AWE engineering. 

Of course, this much power and performance can come at a slight cost. Emissions regulations do not allow this exhaust to be used on the road. Though, for anyone adding a piece of kit this powerful, the track really should be the only place you should fully open it up. 

Talk to a Professional

The best advice when looking for a Porsche sports exhaust is to talk to knowledgeable professionals. A professional will be able to respond to your needs and offer advice, using first-hand experience. Look for aftermarket dealers with good reviews and contact them for assistance. 

Your first stop should be UroTuning, as we specialize in European aftermarket products and provide only the best modifications we can find. Contact us today to discuss your needs so you can drive away today with the best mods available!


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