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Mini Coopers are world-famous for their signature look and customizability. 

Perhaps this is why Mini Coopers are regaining popularity in the American auto industry.

With less competition and a steady demand for these unique vehicles, Mini Cooper modifications are gaining interest as well.

Interested in upgrading your Mini Cooper?

Whether you are interested in increasing performance or customizing your Mini Cooper’s style, these options are worth checking out.

The Latest Mini Cooper Tech Upgrades

Nowadays, even our cars are becoming supercomputers. We have come a long way from manual car windows and cassette players in the dashboards.

Today Mini Coopers come equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allow them to keep their drivers informed about diagnostics while on the road.

The trademark giant speedometer in some Mini Cooper models may appear outdated, but don’t let that fool you.

Mini Coopers are notorious for their unique style, but they also boast a diverse range of cutting-edge tech features and upgrades. 

Tech upgrades like camera sensors and digital steering wheels are available to install in your new or vintage Mini model. 

Here are a few tech options that can increase your Mini Cooper’s overall performance.

A Fresh Perspective: Car Eye 2.0

Installing a camera in your car is a great upgrade to consider.

The Mini Cooper advanced Car Eye 2.0 is an exclusive accessory that upgrades your Mini’s ability to predict danger and keep your car safe from harm.

How does the Car Eye 2.0 work?

Specialized sensors in the camera can detect vibrations outside of the vehicle that helps you from getting into an accident.

These sensors also help protect your vehicle from theft by sensing any disturbances to the vehicle. 

The Car Eye 2.0 kit comes with both a front and rear-facing camera to help you park anywhere.

Steer in Style: New Digital Displays

Looking to get the most out of your car upgrades? 

Make sure your new gadget provides a high level of functionality to the overall user experience. 

The perfect example of a highly functional modification is the new Mini carbon steering wheel featuring an LED display. 

Not only does this steering wheel look super-cool, but it also provides you with a whole new user interface. 

It is one of the most dynamic options of car upgrades available today due to the steering wheel’s customizability. 

Using the digital display, you can view everything from battery voltage to oil temperature and customize your own LED light display.

Light up the Streets: Mini Tail Lights

Speaking of lights, did you know that you can even customize your Mini Cooper’s tail lights?

When upgrading a car, it’s important to ensure that everything is up to code, so functional taillights are a must for any safe driver to have. 

However, no one said they couldn’t be stylish. 

These taillights may be the most aesthetically pleasing out of all of the mentioned Mini performance parts.

Adding a British design component to your Mini car is a thoughtful way to pay homage to your Mini Cooper’s origin.

Personalize Your Mini Cooper’s Aesthetic

Performance isn’t the only thing worth mentioning when it comes to Mini Cooper car upgrades. Style matters just as much.

New accessories are always popping up on the market for Mini Cooper owners to play with. 

For example, did you know that an electric Mini Cooper has recently debuted? A new model means more accessories for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the latest trends in styling your Mini Cooper parts.

Sport a Brand New Spoiler

Looking for the classic sporty style to add to your Mini car?

No matter what make or model of Mini Cooper you have, there is a spoiler for you. Although spoilers are praised for their looks, they do provide a boost in performance as well. 

Spoilers can help you brake with ease and even increase fuel efficiency.

This is possible because of the design of a spoiler. It deflects air which creates downforce on your Mini, ultimately helping you enjoy a smoother ride with less resistance.

Because of this, it is common to see spoilers on Mini Coopers used to race professionally. However, they are just as effective for your everyday commute.

Coordinate Your Caps and Covers 

If mixing and matching isn’t your thing then there are plenty of upgrades that can blend your new and existing accessories together.

A popular style for Mini Cooper enthusiasts is the chrome option. Since this style is so popular, you can find everything from mirror caps to gas tank covers in chrome.

Other popular styles include checkerboard and the infamous union jack.

Enjoy adding caps, decals, and covers to more surface areas of your Mini like the dashboard, rear-view mirror, shift knobs, and more.

Cruise in Comfort With a Custom Sun Strip 

This may be the most low-tech option as far as Mini Cooper upgrades are concerned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an option worth considering. 

Installing a sun strip is an easy way to stay comfortable at the wheel, especially if you have a long road trip planned. 

Sun strips can be ordered to fit your exact windshield dimensions, so all you have to do is order and apply it to your Mini Cooper. How easy is that?

Looking for a more customizable option?

You’re in luck, you can order sun strips with a fully customizable text that best displays your personal sense of style.

Stay Updated on the Latest Upgrades

Now that you are aware of the latest Mini Cooper trends, it’s time to start thinking about what style options are right for you. 

Interested in other European cars like the Mini Cooper?

Visit our blog to stay up to date on the latest performance and style trends in the European car market.


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