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Unitronic MK8 Stage 2 Software - Available Now!

MK8 GTI and Golf R owners rejoice — stage 2 software is finally available from Unitronic. We were lucky enough here at UroTuning to run the stage 2 beta file on our MK8R during Unitronic's testing stage and we are here to tell you... it's a ton of fun. If you've been stuck at stage 1 and are ready to finally really get a taste of what the MK8 2.0 TSI EA888 Evo 4 is really capable of, look no further — we can't recommend this software enough!

Unitronic prides themselves on rigorous testing to assure that every tune they release offers the highest caliber of bopthe performance and reliability — which is why tuning from UNitronic remeains one of the highest values for your dollar when it comes to quickly and easily adding a huge chunk of horsepower and torque to your VW MK8 or Audi S3.

With testing completed, power output on the MK8 Golf R is increased by up to +133HP / +121LB-FT for a maximum of 470HP / 431LB-FT*. Power output on the MK8 GTI is increased by up to +119HP / +115LB-FT for a maximum of 385HP / 399LB-FT*. ⁠ ⁠ These software upgrades are fully compatible with the UniCONNECT+ cable, empowering you to tune your vehicles directly through the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of your own home or garage.


Building off of extensive experience with the SIMOS controllers found in modern VW and Audi vehicles , Unitronic Engineers recalibrated the SIMOS 19.6 ECU to unlock more power + torque with Stage 2, including new boost numbers, re-optimized ignition timing, optimal camshaft timing, and more after switching to an upgraded downpipe.

Unitronic Software and Hardware Engineers are constantly collaborating to ensure the highest level of cohesion and performance. On the hardware side, Engineers created the new Unitronic Performance Downpipe to dissipate exhaust gas and reduce backpressure on the turbine and worked with the Engineering team on the software/calibration side to further dyno and road test while closely monitoring running conditions through high-speed data logging tools to ensure maximum performance while also maintaining highest possible reliability and drivability.

Aided by empirical data collection and instrumentation, Unitronic Engineers commpnly find factory hard part limits that inhibit performance — either through efficiency issues or air-flow restrictions. In the case of the 2.0TSI MQB EVO4 engines, Unitronic noted that the factory intercooler heat soaks and loses an ability to keep air temperature at cool levels before the ECU intervenes to reduce output based on levels being too high. Thus, a Unitronic Intercooler was installed in order to unlock maximum output and published power figures. Going one step further for Stage 2, a downpipe upgrade will be required in order to alleviate downstream restrictions and optimize turbocharger performance to create even more power.

UroTuning is excited to carry this latest iteration of MK8 software from Unitronic. Feel free to email us at sales@urotuning.com or give us a call at 813-444-7021 with any questions as to how this new leap forward in MK8 tuning capabilities fits into your build.


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