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VW Gives Us Our First Look At Updated GTI

It’s a new year and that means new technology that gets showcased at CES 2024. For those that don’t know, CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is the most powerful tech event in the world located in Las Vegas. It generally occurs in January of every year and showcases cutting edge innovation in the tech world. 

GTI and ID.7 Showcased At CES

This year is no different as Volkswagen hit the ground running showcasing the first look at the updated GTI and their much anticipated ID.7. We have covered spy shots of the mid cycle refresh of the GTI in the past, but now we have some solid information straight from Volkswagen themselves. 

MK 8 First Look

Still sporting a fancy camouflaged paint job, we get a much clearer look at the new MK 8.5 GTI. A much more aggressive front bumper definitely makes stands out vs the previous version. This new front facia is reminiscent of the MK 8 Clubsport. The headlights have also been streamlined looking much sleeker than the original MK 8.The rear is getting a more aggressive roof spoiler and rear diffuser. There also seems to be much larger exhaust tips. The tail lights have a new look as well. 

Physical Buttons Return

Inside is where a lot of things seem to have changed. The first thing you will notice is that buttons on the steering wheel are back. It was a very divisive topic of conversation for folks regarding the touch vs actual buttons, but it looks like Volkswagen has heard the detractors and reverted to physical buttons. 

Bigger Infotainment Screen

The infotainment screen has also been updated with what looks like the 12.9-inch display from the new Tiguan. It seems to be more of a standalone system rather than incorporated into the digital driver’s display. 

IDA Powered By ChatGPT

The big change people will notice is the announcement of the incorporation of ChatGPT. VW plans to enhance the voice command system with an AI chatbot, IDA, to make for an improved experience. You’ll be able to ask all sorts of as you would today, like adjust the AC, but if you ask for something the standard system can’t answer, it will use AI to try and assist. The AI system will also constantly be learning and expanding what it can do. VW has stated that users shouldn’t worry about privacy concerns as the system won’t have access to your car’s data, and all questions and answers are immediately deleted. This software will also roll out to the ID3, ID4, ID5, ID7, new Passat, and New Tiguan. 


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