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In 2021, BMW had a turnover of over $24.8 Billion, making it one of the three most profitable car companies globally. Much of this success boils down to their reputation as having reliable mid-premium range cars.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely already familiar with how good a stock BMW can be. Yet, as an owner, you are likely to wonder whether there is a need to purchase BMW parts for an upgrade? The short answer is a resounding yes! Read on to determine precisely which BMW parts to acquire to take your vehicle to the next level and why.

What to Be Aware of When Shopping for Aftermarket Parts for Your BMW

When buying aftermarket performance BMW parts, there are two things you need to keep in mind. The most critical is the supplier of the BMW parts. Make sure the supplier is reputable and they stock the best brands. The second is whether it the part you're looking for should be only OEM.

The main goal for buying BMW parts is to improve the performance or style of the car. If you purchase low-quality aftermarket parts, you will be far from achieving this. Not only will the inferior-quality BMW parts reduce your car's performance, but they may end up causing it damage.

Keep in mind your vehicle's model. Only buy BMW parts specifically made for your car's model. Universal BMW parts may be temptingly cheaper; however, they might not deliver the results you had in mind when you set out for an upgrade.

You can opt for some accessories, tires, and exhaust parts as universal BMW parts. Otherwise, prioritize getting parts suited for your exact car model.

Now that you know what to look out for when purchasing, below is a rundown of six common types of aftermarket BMW parts you can buy for your car to improve its performance and aesthetics. 

Exhaust Systems

The BMW exhaust system is among the most popular BMW parts that drivers look forward to when upgrading their car's performance. An enhanced exhaust system will drastically increase your vehicle's power while giving it bragging rights by producing an equally powerful sound as you drive. 

Exhaust systems coordinate airflow in and out of an engine. Therefore, a performance exhaust system typically enhances this process by quickly expelling hot gas and injecting fresh air into the engine to generate power. 

For performance exhaust systems to achieve optimum functioning, the vehicles are fitted with bigger pipes, few obstructions and, an aerodynamic layout.

Intake Systems

As earlier mentioned, when tackling the exhaust systems, your BMW engine needs quality air-intake to power the vehicle. Better air filters and air intake parts will provide an increase in engine power by helping it to take in clean air optimally. 

Further, a clean and efficient air intake will allow for improvements in acceleration and mileage. The sound your engine makes will also change, and most drivers prefer the sound of a performance air intake system over the original one.

In addition, compared with other performance BMW parts, they tend to be more cost-effective. 

Brake System

Aside from speed, another primary consideration of a high-performance car like a BMW is how efficiently a driver can slow it down or completely halt it altogether. So, another crucial system for a high-performance BMW is the brake system. 

As a driver, you need to have confidence in the brakes you're using. This does not mean that the stock BMW brakes are faulty, but a good number of aftermarket brakes have way more to offer.

An upgrade of BMW brake parts will ensure durable and efficient performance, even under challenging conditions. The enhanced brake system will not overheat as fast as stock parts, therefore having to be replaced less often. Also, high-performance brake systems in your vehicle will decrease your stopping distance.

You will be more confident in your vehicle when you decide to push it to its limits because a sound brake system will improve the car's safety.

Suspension Systems

If you want to achieve more stability for your BMW, you need to consider upgrading the suspension system. A stable car impacts whether the braking effect will be evenly distributed.

By including the suspension system in upgrading your BMW parts, it will also guarantee a more responsive car. It will be much easier and safer to negotiate corners, as the probability of the vehicle rolling and squealing is significantly reduced.  

Superchargers and Turbochargers 

Turbochargers or Superchargers can help you increase the horsepower of your BMW. The two systems vary however; which is why you need to first know their difference.

Both systems function as air compressors, but a turbocharger enables the car's engine to burn more fuel faster by directing exhaust gas to drive a turbine. The turbine then feeds oxygen into the engine's cylinders which are then ignited to produce the engine's power. 

Meanwhile, a supercharger produces the same results; however, it is mechanically powered instead of using exhaust gases to run a turbine. 

You will need to purchase a BMW turbo kit to set up this upgrade of BMW parts. You also need to decide whether you will incorporate an intercooler and blow-off valve. In short, this upgrade, though worthwhile, can be pretty costly.

BMW Parts and Accessories

You may find the need to spruce up several accessories on your BMW. These accessories may directly affect your performance, while others are purely for aesthetic value. Below is a list of some BMW accessory parts you should consider upgrading:

  • M Color Grille Stripes
  • Door Projector Lights
  • Carbon Fiber Trunk Lip
  • Valve Stem Caps
  • Custom License Plate Frame 
  • Custom BMW Floor Mats
  • Phone Pairing Module
  • Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors
  • Headlight Upgrade
  • BMW M Style Side Skirt

There are many more accessories available to upgrade your BMW. There are many complex BMW parts that can enhance your vehicle's performance too, such as BMW fuel systems and software upgrades.

Why Upgrade Parts of a Car?

Rather than viewing the upgrade of your BMW parts as only aimed at increasing performance, think of it as a way of bringing out your unique individuality. Customizing your car makes it stand out not only performance-wise but also aesthetically.

All in all, regardless of your upgrade ambitions of your BMW parts, remember to only purchase from reputable suppliers. Car upgrades are an investment, and failure to procure the right BMW parts will result in poor performance. Keep in mind your car model whenever you shop for parts and ensure they are specifically made for your particular model.

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