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adj. "When I think of being "UroTuned", I think of Superior Quality, great selection, and exponential passion and expression for European vehicles. It is truly a great surrounding of everything euro-related. What really stands out when it comes to being UroTuned is the passion and excitement it makes others motivated, and excited about their euro vehicles. Surrounding Euro-enthusiasts with positivity and encouragement with a superior outlook on all of our passion!"
The original story behind my car is a bit interesting, a buddy of mine actually got it in a trade for one of his vehicles. He did not intend on keep the BMW or even drive it for that matter, he just got it because he knew it would be easier to sell than the VW fox with a bad clutch that he was trying to sell. So he traded for the E28 and he posted it up for sale. At that point in time, it was a completely different car being that it had a mismatched fender, a driveline shake, some studded winter tires on a set of bottle caps, and cut springs. A few months went by and he had no buyers for the car. I had a few buddies with some E30's and a few other older BMW's. I really liked the fact that those BMW's were so advanced for their time while they still kept it simple. I've always had a weird attraction for sedans and really loved the body style of the 90's BMW's. I got some money aside and talked him into selling it to me. That's where this whole project started. (and of course, at this point I have worked out all the flaws with this car)
 I have had this BMW for a little longer than two years, And I have learned more than I can even explain, this car has taught me a lot about not only vehicles but about myself as well. I had general knowledge about vehicles and how to work on them when I first purchased this BMW, But at this point, I have learned loads more. This car has taught me patience, Quality, Determination, and willingness to learn. At one point I was the kid who could swap tires and do the basics, I had gone through the entire car and have touched every part on this car that you can think of and can do it confidently, properly, with no corners cut!
To be 100% honest, I can't see myself ever getting rid of this car, I just plan on making the E28 better. As for plans for the future, I am currently building the motor for turbo application, I intend on making this car a part-time track car so that is a must for my plans! As well as some more interior modifications being that The interior is for the most part OEM, I have new seats in the works for it, a new steering wheel on the list of next purchases (of course a Nardi) along with a Nardi shift knob to match that I have to wait to put in with the steering wheel. Also, I have my eyes on another set of wheels that I am really excited about!

Thank you @otto_e28 for your submission! Want to be featured? Email your submission to info@urotuning.com with the subject line UroTuned Submission [Instagram Tag]. Make sure to answer the following questions in the body with at least 3 Photos of your car!

1) What made you get the car?
2) How long have you had it and what have you learned from owning it?
3) What do you think it is to be UroTuned?
4) What plans do you have for the future of the car, or a next car?


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