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The Panzer Project - 2019 GLI Build

UroTuning is excited to announce a recent partnership with lazzimoto to start building a beautiful 2019 Volkswagen GLI! Lazzimoto is an automotive enthusiast blog that takes pride in taking an idea and running with it, turning your dream for your vehicle into a reality. Entitled the "Panzer Project", UroTuning has signed on as the title sponsor for this build in an exciting effort to create the first highly modified "beast" 2019 GLI to hit the scene! With a limited supply of aftermarket parts for the new GLI, the Panzer Project will be an ongoing build, adding new parts for performance as well as aesthetics as they become available. We are excited to keep you updated on the project and showcase the latest and greatest aftermarket upgrades available for the MK7 GLI!

The base car for this project is a 2019 Volkswagen GLI - 35th Anniversary Edition in Pure Gray. The GLI comes from the factory with a six speed manual transmission mated to a two-liter engine pushing 228 horsepower and 258lbs of torque. GTI's beware, the new GLI sure does look tempting...

The Panzer Project holds an emphasis on performance being a key aspect of the build. This GLI may look pretty, but this build isn't all about looks, be prepared to see some brand new go-fast-bits under the hood very soon. Keep up with the Panzer Project blog by following lazzimoto and UroTuning on social media and reading up on our blog posts for build updates including product information, reviews, and more as the aftermarket for the 2019 GLI starts to grow!

FixxFest #16 is right around the corner and the Panzer will be there! Lazzimoto hopes to have a decent amount done on the build by then, but regardless of progress the GLI will be making the trek from Tennessee to Florida for the event. Come out and see the car in person! We look forward to seeing you there. Click below to learn more about FixxFest #16!


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