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It's time to get rid of that old cracked plastic in your VW engine bay!

The coolant pipe within the VR6 motor, commonly referred to as a "crack pipe" is a critical component, and is often fragile and prone to breaking from the factory. The coolant distribution pipe provides coolant to everything important. Wear and tear such as heat, vibration, and acidic coolant slowly eat away at the plastic factory pipe, causing it to fail. This OEM pipe becomes a recipe for a midnight tow and an expensive repair bill. Why risk it?

This new pipe from VeltSport is a lifetime solution wrapped in a suit of armor. Designed to be a direct replacement for the factory VR6 coolant pipe, our pipe eliminates the possibility of leaks, cracks, and mishaps. Our pipe stands up to heat, pressure, and corrosion for the life of the motor & beyond. Major peace of mind is worth the minor investment.

Our coolant pipe is available in either silver or black finish. New o-rings are included for a serious seal. Installation is plug & play, but should be performed by a professional or VR6 expert.


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