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If you have a Volkswagen, you want to take the best care of it. One way of doing this is by servicing it regularly. 

For some people, servicing may seem like an unnecessary expense, but many simple Volkswagen maintenance tips are things you can do on your own without knowing a great deal of mechanical experience or know-how. 

Servicing your vehicle often keeps it running well, but it’ll also ensure you’re safe on the road. So how often should you carry out Volkswagen maintenance? 

Here are the top Volkswagen maintenance tips that you should be performing every year. 

Replace Your Air Filter

Your car’s air filter stops unwanted dirt from getting into your engine. However, your air filter will get clogged over time, and therefore will need replacing. This is something that should be carried out once a year. 

Air filters are easy to replace, as they require no tools, and the entire job takes only a few minutes.

Replace Your Oil and Oil Filter

Although performing an oil change may be a dirty job, it is not a complicated process. 

Conventionally, it is advised that you change your oil every 3,000 miles. With advanced motor oil, it can be about 5,000 miles between changes. 

All you’ll need to carry out your oil change is the new oil, a ratchet, replacement oil filter, wrench, oil pan, and a funnel. Make sure that you leave your engine cool before you start as hot oil can be dangerous!

Replace Your Spark Plug

One of the more time-consuming jobs is changing your spark plugs. Although it takes time to replace your spark plugs, it isn’t a complicated task. 

Your spark plugs need to be changed every 30,000 miles, so this is something that may not be necessary every year. 

You’ll need a ratchet, a 12-inch socket arm, a spark plug socket, and a replacement spark plug for each cylinder. 

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You need to have excellent quality wipers that don’t cause your windows to smear every time you use them. For this reason, you should change your wipers every six months. 

Windshield wipers will only take a few minutes to change, and many will just clip into place.

Ensure that you consider the time(s) of the year when you’re going to need your wipers the most. When the fall and winter months come, you’ll need new wipers.

Take Your Volkswagen Maintenance Tips From the Pros

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