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2024 MK8.5 Facelift Spy Shots Revealed

With the transition to electric power looming on the horizon, Volkswagen has been preparing to bid adieu to the conventionally powered VW Golf series. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the forthcoming 2024 Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5, which is expected to be one of the final iterations of the iconic ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) Golf. The MK8.5 Facelift, which was recently captured for the first time on spy shots, sports a few subtle changes such as slime headlights.


Scheduled for release early next year, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5 has already made its way to the streets during final testing. While Volkswagen may not have gone to great lengths to hide the car's identity, there are subtle changes that hint at the evolution of this beloved model.

Sleeker MK8.5 Headlights and Different Taillights

The most apparent change can be seen in the headlights. The Mk8.5 boasts narrower headlights near the grille, giving the front end a refreshed appearance. The LED daytime running lights have been reconfigured, and the inner layout has been modified, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

The taillights, although cleverly disguised, appear to maintain their familiar shape and size, promising a classic rear-end design.

Observant eyes will also spot the introduction of stylish two-tone wheels, adding a dash of flair to the 2024 Golf.

While the automotive world moves towards electrification, Volkswagen is holding onto tradition by retaining fake exhaust tips, reminding us of the Golf's ICE heritage.

Beneath the surface, the 2024 Golf Mk8.5 showcases an independent rear suspension, a feature typically associated with more powerful variants. This hints at a power output of at least 150 horsepower, a significant step up from weaker models that rely on cost-effective torsion beam suspension.

Alleged interior photos have revealed that the 2024 Golf will feature a larger touchscreen, aligning it with the technology found in recent Volkswagen models such as the VW Passat and ID.7.


As the Golf undergoes its mid-cycle facelift, rumors suggest that it may mark the end of an era for manual transmissions in this iconic model. The Golf is expected to be offered exclusively with a DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox), making it a more automated experience for drivers. However, the GTI and R variants will continue to be part of the lineup, albeit without manual transmissions.


With the impending Euro 7 regulations, we can anticipate a shift towards more sustainable technologies, such as mild-hybrid systems and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Volkswagen has committed to ending the production of ICE cars in Europe by 2033, which means that the Golf, as we've known it for generations, will soon make way for an electric successor. Rest assured, the Golf nameplate will persist in the electric era, preserving its precious legacy.


The 2024 Volkswagen Golf Mk8.5 serves as a nostalgic farewell to the ICE-powered Golf models. With its subtle yet significant updates and the promise of enhanced technology, this iteration encapsulates the essence of a beloved icon on the cusp of evolution. While change is inevitable, the Golf's legacy will endure.


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