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Do you have trouble keeping your car spic and span? Are you worried the dirt will spiral out of control this spring? We've got you covered!

Spring is the best time to wash your car, and there's plenty of things you can do to take your cleaning to the next level. Here are some car cleaning tips you can use!

1. Dump The Trash Regularly

Most people end up leaving things like takeout containers and other trash in their cars. If you'd like to keep your car cleaner for longer, this is a great place to start. Set a reminder to start regularly taking out your trash so that it doesn't build up as fast.

2. Be Prepared

One good way to keep your car clean is to prepare in advance. You can start by keeping wipes and other supplies in your car, in case of emergency spills or other sticky situations.

If you have pets or children, keeping a lint roller on hand can help you keep your car interior free of pet hair and crumbs for longer.

Creating a car detailing checklist, including what things you should keep in your car and which parts need cleaned more often, can also help keep your car spic and span.

3. Start With A Thorough Deep-Clean

You should start your car spring cleaning by making sure you do a thorough job getting your car in tip-top shape. Vacuum the trunk and the interior to get rid of any crumbs. If you have leather seats, try conditioning them.

Getting your car as clean as possible in the first place is the best way to make sure you can maintain that clean look throughout the spring and summer.

4. Get The Nooks and Crannies

There are parts of the car you might not think to clean. Make sure you get under the floor mats, clean out the air vents, and get to the rest of those hard-to-reach places.

While you're at it, don't forget the top edges of your windows when you're polishing that glass too!

5. Be Creative

To keep your car as clean as possible, why not try a few more creative suggestions to truly take it to the next level? There are plenty of do-it-yourself techniques that will keep your car neat and tidy.

If you don't have the time to experiment, there's one pretty simple solution to keeping your car clean: hire a professional!

There are plenty of car wash services out there that will get your vehicle cleaner than you ever imagined, both inside and out, without you having to lift a finger. Just make sure you don't pay for any extras you don't actually need!

These Car Cleaning Tips Are Just The Beginning

These car cleaning tips should help you keep your vehicle nice and tidy for a while. But, there are so many more things you can do to keep your car (and your life) in order. Check out some of our other articles for more tips!


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