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Every year, millions of people buy BMWs, and there is good reason for that. BMWs are renowned worldwide for providing fantastic performance at an excellent price. But did you know that you can take your performance to the next level even more with a BMW cold air intake system?

Many people understand a little about these systems but do not appreciate just how many benefits they can provide. Find out below what a BMW cold air intake system can do for you.

What is a Performance Cold Air Intake?

Your engine depends entirely on a perfectly balanced combination of fuel and oxygen to run. There are two ways to enhance vehicle performance:

  • Fuel injection systems provide the engine with more fuel
  • Performance cold air intake systems provide the engine with more oxygen

With that said, let's move on to the benefits. 

Benefits of a Performance Cold Air Intake

Whether you want to drive fast or save money, performance cold air intake systems can help. And the higher the service quality, the more benefits a cold air intake system can provide.

1. A BMW Performance Intake Can Improve Power

One of the most obvious benefits of an upgraded cold air intake system is increased power.

Naturally, this interests those looking for an extra kick in acceleration. Other aficionados like cold air intake systems because they allow them to reach higher top speeds.

2. Cold Air Intake Upgrades Look Good

Other people are more interested in cold air intake upgrades for aesthetic purposes.

When a car novice opens the hood of a car, all they see is a mess of parts. However, they begin to see something very different once they understand how each part functions.

They may even begin to develop a sense of taste about how the underside of a hood should look. Their interest slowly morphs into a passion.

For them, a cold air intake upgrade is a beautiful piece of machinery that improves the engine's appearance altogether.

3. Performance Intake Systems Weigh Less

Performance intake systems are designed to weigh as little as possible. That provides a few advantages, including greater performance and consuming fewer resources.

4. Performance Intake Systems Are Efficient

Cold air intake systems can provide improvements to fuel efficiency. Providing extra oxygen to your engine means allowing it to make the most out of every bit of fuel. Consuming less fuel also means generating fewer greenhouse gases.

5. Cold Air Intake Upgrades Help You Drive in High Altitudes

Cars perform worse at higher altitudes since the air is less dense. The air contains less oxygen in the same volume. In contrast, cold air is denser, precisely countering the effect higher altitudes have on a vehicle.

Understanding the Benefits of a BMW Cold Air Intake  

We hope learning about the benefits of BMW cold air intake systems has been helpful for you. The more you understand about this powerful and versatile piece of technology, the more you'll be able to make the right decision about whether or not to integrate one into your BMW.

To learn more about what a BMW cold air intake could do for you or to speak with an expert in BMW parts, get in touch with us.


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