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Did you know that in 2018, Audi produced and sold over 1.8 million vehicles? Audi and Volkswagen are known globally for producing exceptionally well-engineered vehicles with classy looks.

There is also a brand, however, known for taking these cars and increasing their level of class and luxury. When it comes to upgrading your car, the people at Black Forest Industries are legendary for making the best even better. 

What makes them so legendary and what can they do for you and your vehicle? Check out our in-depth guide below!

1. They Go Offroad

It is no secret that many of us want to take the comfort of our urban 4x4 off-road for a weekend sometimes. Black Forest Industries can help you get Overlanding. They can take your urban road-based SUV and give it the kit it needs to survive a weekend in the hills. 

Whether you drive a Subarus or Ford E series, or even a Porsche 911s, all SUVs have the potential to go off-road given the right tweaks. They can install the lift kit needed to put you high above the rugged landscape. They can also install a rugged body kit that can handle countryside mud and sand, and of course, look great in the forest. 

2. Turbo Software

Increasing the HP of your vehicle is more than just hardware. A modern turbo system is a complex recipe of parts and software, tuned to give you the most efficient and effective thrust. 

The software works together with the engine chip to correct fuel injection and to compensate for the added boost pressures. At Black Forest Industries, they know how to get the best out of your hardware and software.

3. Cooperation With Other Professionals

As professionals themselves, Black Forest Industries has developed good relationships with other epic brands in the car tuning market. Take Dinan for example.

Dinan has famously been tuning BMW cars for the last 40 years. They have leveraged their experience with BMW to create a range of high-end parts designed to get the best out of BMWs. By working with these, Black Forest Industries brings an expanded range of products and experiences for you to benefit from. 

4. They Know How a Ride Should Feel

What is the most important thing when upgrading your car? Performance? Looks? While these can be important, cars that do not have a rigid drive and solid feel are lacking the most.

Enter Black Forest Industries array of reinforcement parts, including suspension coils. In many cases, the car is solid at its chassis but suffers flex in upper regions. Why not fit a body brace with link bars to stiffen that ride? It is an easy fit and comes without any additional vibrations or noises. 

5. Legendary Warranty

Black Forest Industries is so sure that its products will meet their customer's expectations, they provide a one year guaranteed warranty on all parts that they manufacture.

6. Manufacturing Process

One reason they have so much confidence in their products is that they know exactly the process that goes into making their parts. When you order a Black Forest Industries part for your vehicle, you are ordering a home-made part. Not one that has been mass-produced and shipped from abroad. 

Black Forest Industries leverages their CNC capabilities to ensure that every part that they ship will meet the grade. For this reason, when you order a part, you know it has fine engineering behind it.

7. Range of Products

Black Forest Industries offers a stunning range of products. They understand how engines work in conjunction with the entire car body. If you want to sure up the fixtures between your engine and the chassis, they can help. If you want a flywheel to ensure more efficient braking, they can help. And the list goes on. Your supplier will have a full list of everything that Black Forest Industries can do for your car. 

8. Supercharging

Performance and HP can be added incrementally. Small tweaks can give you 10-20 HP at a given time. However, if you want to substantially increase the beast under your bonnet you may have to install a supercharger.

Fortunately, Black Forest Industries is a supercharging expert, especially with BMW. They have achieved up to a maximum of 700 hp on a single-vehicle. Why not do the math and see how much these guys can add to your car's performance.

9. They Know Luxury

Upgrading your car is not just about increasing its performance, it is about increasing its quality. When you add Black Forest Industries' engineered parts to your vehicle, you are increasing its value. Your car becomes a luxury driving machine. It drivers more smoothly, and it handles more firmly. Their higher standard of engineering raises the luxury level in your car.

10. Gear Knobs

It may seem like a small detail, but the shift-stick you use makes a big difference. Whether you drive stick or automatic, the weighting of your gearstick can make your driving experience a lot easier. You can order a whole range of branded weighted gear stick knobs by Black Forest Industries.

Black Forest Industries and Much More

Upgrading your car and its appearance to something more than a factory release is a matter of taste. It is an opportunity for you to improve your vehicle's performance and looks in a way that expresses your personality. Black Forest Industries is a legendary brand that provides a broad range of options for you to do this. 

If you are interested in upgrading your vehicle to something more classy and powerful, we are here to help. We leverage our years of experience in the European and American automotive industry to provide trustworthy services and guidance.

Why not follow our blog to see how we can help you today.


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