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Have you been considering making upgrades to your car's suspension?

One of the best ways to add a little more pep in your car's step is by installing aftermarket coilovers. But not just any type of third party coilovers—we're talking about tried-and-true coilovers like the ones offered by Solo-Werks.

Want to know more about the top benefits of Solo-Werks coilovers? Keep reading.

What Are Solo-Werks Coilovers?

Solo-Werks offers high-end coilovers that provide the perfect suspension, which boosts performance for optimal cornering and better traction to your vehicle.

They have been a leader in the aftermarket parts industry for over ten years, where they focus on high-quality products rather than corporate growth.

What Are the Benefits for Choosing Solo-Werks Coilovers?

The Solo-Werks engineers team has a combined 25 years of expertise that they put into every part they build.

They not only trust their own knowledge but also take input from alpha car enthusiasts so they can produce the best products that consumers can buy.

Let's take a look at the top benefits:


All their products are specifically sourced from high-quality material partners.

The materials that they choose go through a specialized process to ensure strength in the material, and also to minimize material waste.


All of Solo-Werks' products go through rigorous testing procedures to ensure durability, longevity, and dependability.

All their products are tested and designed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

They Use the Most Advanced Parts in a Coilover

Solo-Werks coilovers are engineered with the most advanced parts. Their gas-charged twin-tube damper design allows for independent compression and rebound valves. 

Their housings are zinc-plated instead of the usual chrome design you see in other brands. This provides up to five times more resistance.

Their Nok seals are true optimized sealing systems that are German-designed and manufactured. They serve a leak-free life without any stick-slip.

They also feature Fuchs damper oil in their design, which provides maximum lubricity which then minimizes wear, even under extreme load pressure.


Most manufactures offer a 1-year standard warranty.

Solo-Werks stands by the design of their products. They offer a 3-year limited warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials and/or any imperfections from the manufacturer on street-driven vehicles.

Replacement Parts Available

Most suspension companies only offer their systems as a whole unit. This means if one component breaks on your coilovers, you'll need to purchase the entire assembly again.

Solo-Werks offers replacement parts for most of the assembly of their products. This means you'll save money on repairs and get back out on the road quicker.

Where Can I Find Solo-Werks Products?

Solo-Werks has a variety of dealers worldwide, but you can also find their products through trusted online retailers.

If you are searching for Solo-Werks coilovers, or related products, we've got you covered. Our site has a complete list of Solo-Werks parts for almost any vehicle.

Feel free to contact us, and we can steer you in the right direction so you can find the best Solo-Werks suspension kit that works for your car today!


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