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Like most other serious car manufacturers, BMW focuses on innovation. The soon-to-be-launched batch of BMW 2020 models will be a lot more colorful than what people usually expect, and they’ll be bolstered by quite a number of all-electric and performance automobiles, among others.

Considering how this German car manufacturer’s lineup is so versatile and vast, there will be something suitable for everyone’s taste. Despite BMW’s ever-growing portfolio, this car manufacturer based in Munich has not yet achieved the successes they projected in the United States for quite some time now.

Although what they sold globally in 2017 amounted to slightly over 2 million, which was a 4.3% increase from the previous year, their sales in the United States actually plummeted from 313,175 to 305,680 units during that time. Furthermore, the Bavarians aren’t anywhere near close to achieving their 2015 record year of 346,024 units.   

2020 for BMW will probably be one of their most important years, all things considered. If they decide to go forth with the necessary leaps required, they might just have a very successful year and positive growth ahead.

Here’s what’s hot for BMW in 2020.

8-Series Convertible 2020

It took them almost 20 years to bring the eight-series coupe back to life, but once they did, they decided to switch their focus to the convertible model of the future flagship range they’ve always had. Just like the two-door coupe, this new convertible car shares similar architecture and design based on their fresh, new modular CLAR platform.

The LA auto show in 2018 was when it was first previewed and made available to car dealerships across the nation since mid-last year.

Though this 8-series convertible model didn’t exactly come with a lot of surprises, aside from the few obvious things and the addition of a couple of pounds, this vehicle still deserves that higher price tag. The lineup has been expanded to include range-topping M8 models and entry-level 840i. It looks like it’s going to be quite a magnificent machine!

2020 3-Series 

The 7th Generation 3-series model was showcased at the Paris Auto Show in 2018 and was put on the consumer market in the early part of 2019. Truth is, the previous generation vehicle didn’t meet the high expectations it was expected to, however, it looks like that's about to change. This new 3-series once again concentrates on the driver rather than overall comfort.

Yes, it’s still plushy and comfy, but it happens to be so much more fun to drive due to its renewed driving mechanics. It has an overhauled steering system, new passive dampers, and stiff suspension as some of the features to thank for the better drive experience. 

Furthermore, these new versions weigh about 120 pounds less than their other already-outgoing units, despite being slightly bigger. Hopefully, BMW has done enough to overhaul the dumbed-down driving experience of the 3 series.

2020 iX3 

This German manufacturer’s top brass understands how vital the EV market can be in the coming future. They also understand how vital it will be to keep their prices lower if they want to grab the biggest market share possible. No BMW vehicle comes cheap, of course, however, not all of them need to necessarily be out of reach for most people.

This compact iX3 EV model should fit the bill when it comes to what we mentioned above, although what it’s actually going to cost at this point could be anyone’s guess. This small zero-emission automobile will basically represent sort of an electric version of the X3 and is going to become one of the many new electric BMW cars to be released by the year 2025.

China is where the production will happen, but the car will be for sale in dealerships across the globe sometime this year. As is usually the case, BMW has already started taking pre-orders in a number of markets overseas such as Norway, where these EV vehicles are going through a sort of renaissance, despite being one of the most Scandinavian oil-rich nations.

2020 X7 

This sports utility vehicle in BMW’s roster is finally here. This German manufacturer has definitely taken their time when it comes to launching this vehicle, while their competition has been running wild for the past couple of years with their GLS and Q7 vehicles. 

Compared to what was previously the biggest BMW crossover machine (the X5 vehicle), the X7 is taller, wider and longer. It can also comfortably fit seven passengers. This new SUV also has either a huge 90.4 cubic foot trunk with the last two rows being foldable or a 48.6 cubic foot trunk accompanied by rear seats.

BMW 2020 4-Series 

The 4-series model is among one of the newer lines in BMW’s roster and was introduced to the public for the first time in 2013. Their compact 4 and 2-door coupes, as well as the 2-door convertible model, are now showing their true ages. This has prompted this car manufacturer to start putting in work on the next-generation versions. 

Due for release later this year, the 2nd generation 4-Series coupe will have similar underpinnings to those of the newly introduced 3-Series model. As far as the 4-door Gran Coupe is concerned, we might not get to see it this year, but who really knows. On the other hand, the convertible version will be released even later, probably sometime in 2021. What we can be sure about is that it’s going to get rid of the folding hard-top currently found and replaced with a lighter soft-top. 

The Future Looks Bright

There are many BMW 2020 models you can look forward to, as you can see. This German manufacturer has a wide array of new products in store for this year and many of them will have updated performance packages as well as new or updated body style and powertrain. BMW cars are still going to be among the top of the food chain this coming year. 

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